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No one really wants to email the King of Town. For real.

The King of Town attempts to check an email with Strong Bad's old and broken Tandy 400. Only accessible via the King of Town Main Page email button.

Cast (in order of appearance): The King of Town

Places: King of Town's Castle

Computer: Tandy 400

Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Running Length: 0:27

Page Title: Tandy 400! Slightly Not-Working - Only $900!!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2



THE KING OF TOWN: {typing} Umm, how do you make this thing go? I want to check all my emails. Anybody? The Poopsmith? That little chef guy? I need some help here! This is the last time I buy a used computer from Bubs.

{The Paper comes down and reads "No one really wants to email the King of Town. For real." After a few seconds, you are redirected to the King of Town Main Page.}

Fun Facts


  • The King of Town's head never moves, but the reflection in the screen bobs and turns as he speaks. This becomes most obvious by observing the King's crown.
  • The toon uses the Compy 386 loading screen, not the Tandy 400 one.
  • The contrast dials are moved down, cutting off the word "contrast". Also, the word "contrast" is in a font different from what it used to be.
  • The brown line in the background extends behind the Tandy's screen's border and slightly overlaps the King's face on the left side. This is best noticed by zooming in.


  • Since the post-Flash update, the toon begins to loop for a second before returning to the KOT main page.

Inside References

Fast Forward

  • The King of Town later does check email successfully in Strong Badia the Free. He shows why emailing him is a bad idea as stated in this toon by giving a polite, succinct response to an email that should have been an easy target, to Strong Bad's chagrin.

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