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"That guy is tall."

Killingyouguy is a villain in the Dangeresque film series. He is Perducci's "secret weapon" and chief enforcer, powerful enough to potentially spell Dangeresque's "doom". Though he primarily works with Perducci, he has assisted other villains such as Uzi Bazooka.

Although Killingyouguy is quickly knocked out of commission by Dangeresque Too's hurricane kick in Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, too?, Dangeresque 3 finds Killingyouguy as a much more formidable force: he is bulletproof, immune to clouds of smoke, and he shrugs off sawmerangs while being able to maintain pace with a high-speed vehicle entirely on foot. Killingyouguy is also revealed to be a big fan of Doug the Dino and has a very low tolerance for people having conversations with inanimate objects.

Killingyouguy is played by Strong Mad (credited as "Himself"). His large cut and bullet hole scar makeup is applied to his face in the form of Sticky Notes. For scenes where he is in shadow, The Cheat actually paints him black. When the character sustains injury, Strong Mad is substituted for by a stunt double, Strong Sad.

[edit] Family

That puppet is tall... maybe.

According to his Steam Trading Card, Killingyouguy "comes from a long line of Something-You-Folks." Various family members have been mentioned, using the same name construction; Killingyouguy himself was known as Pinchingyouboy as a lad. All the folks seen have been played by Strong Mad.

  • Rackingyougal — Sister. Mentioned as someone Dangeresque and Renaldo had had a confrontation with in the past. Has a wig and a sticky note for an eyepatch.
  • Wantingthisguy — Cousin. Deceased. Seen with a sticky note fedora and a large sticky note mouth with pointy teeth and a forked tongue.
  • Tapingthislad — Unspecified relative. Missing. Covered in duct tape.
  • Knittingyounana — Grandmother, theorized to exist in the trading card description.

[edit] Complete Filmography

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