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The Kerrek is a creature created by Strong Bad. He is named after the sender of the email interview; Strong Bad liked his name so much he named the creature after him. He wrote the Kerrek's brief initial story in Gothic letters: "And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to Burnination." The Kerrek appears rather pig-like, with fangs, hooves, pointy ears, and a large horn protruding from his head. His outfit is simply a loincloth held up by a smelly belt. Since this creature inhabits Peasantry, the world of Trogdor, he is a character in the game Peasant's Quest. He does not like peasants wearing short pants, and as a teetotaler, he does not appreciate Cold Ones, nor offers to buy any. The Jhonka is afraid of him. According to the credits at the end of TROGDOR!, he is "played" by Wordly Wise.


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