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Little Girl's mother in her voice-over debut

Karen Chapman Wagner (born August 20, 1970) is one of The Brothers Chaps' sisters. She lives in the Atlanta region and is the official President of Operations for the Homestar Runner store. She is mentioned by Matt in the Wired News Radio Interview, where he calls her "Director of E-Commerce". Matt Cake was a birthday greeting that was sent to Karen. The link to Matt Cake originally appeared on Strong Bad's Message Bored as a birthday greeting from Matt to Karen. This greeting featured Little Girl. At the time that this message appeared, Karen was a regular poster on this message board.

Karen is Little Girl's mother, and writer of If I Ran the Camera.

Karen was a regular contributor to the strongbad_email.exe and Everything Else DVDs, recording commentaries and providing the voice for an Advantage member in The Limozeen Advantage.

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