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We're gonna add a happy little tree...
The original painting.

Joy of Painting is an Easter egg on the Toons Menu. It is accessible by rolling over the video tape at the bottom of the TeeBee that reads "Joy of Painting". The video tapes have appeared other times on the site as well. It is not a real cartoon, but just a preview. It is revealed in the FAQ that The Brothers Chaps made it just so they could show Marzipan with a beard and afro. The picture painted by Marzipan was originally created by Bob Ross in Episode 12, "Mountain Serenity" of the 28th season of The Joy of Painting. The picture in the preview was flipped and appears very low resolution.

Marzipan represents the late Bob Ross, the host of the show from 1983 to 1995, complete with beard and afro.

Cast (in order of appearance): Marzipan

[edit] Transcript

{Marzipan, as Bob Ross, is standing next to an easel and holding a palette and painting knife. She dips her knife into the green on her palette while apparently saying something (there is no sound). Cut to the reverse angle, which reveals the painting she's working on. She applies the green onto a tree on her canvas.}

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