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Jonathan Howe at DragonCon '05

Jonathan Howe is a friend of The Brothers Chaps and Flash programmer for and Videlectrix games. He currently resides in Maine.


According to the Late Night JengaJam Interview, Jonathan helped program the first nine levels of Stinkoman 20X6 and composed the game's music, albeit uncredited. He also composed music for the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer.

He has appeared on the site as an unknown character in Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer. In Thy Dungeonman 3, he portrays the Disgruntled Cleaning Guy.

If one reaches or exceeds 2,000 points in TROGDOR!, Jonathan Howe's name will appear in flashing colors at the bottom left side of the game over screen. Strong Bad calls it "the coolest secret thing [he] ever found in a video game".

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