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"Come on in heeeeere."

The Jibblies Painting (also referred to as that horrible painting) is a creepy painting of Rocoulm (possibly The Rocoulm) — a demon holding a torch — that manages to rank as number nine on Strong Bad's bottom 10 list. It has presumably been in Strong Mad's room since the Brothers Strong were little and always gives the characters, especially Strong Bad, the jibblies. The Rocoulm somewhat resembles the Jhonka, while his head bears a striking similarity to the Monster Maskus, both of which are featured in Peasant's Quest. The painting has a background that fades from blue to green.

Whenever anyone encounters the painting, the Rocoulm creepily whispers the phrase "Come on in heeeeere." While the painting is usually confined to Strong Mad's closet, it broke free on Halloween of 2007 and extended its disturbing invitation to each one of the main characters, incapacitating almost all of them with an incurable case of the jibblies. Homestar Runner, however, was clueless enough to accept the Rocoulm's proposal and entered inside the Jibblies Painting, where he learned that all the Rocoulm ever wanted was to entertain guests. Homestar agreed to stay for eternity in exchange for the alleviation of his friends' paralyzed condition. Homsar is apparently weird enough to give the painting the jibblies.

"How's it going, maaaaan?"

Inside the Jibblies Painting is a very dark cave-like room with torches on the walls and a kitchen consisting of a urinal and a large sink (the Rocoulm mentions he plans to redo it). Homestar was seen entering through a sort of vortex on a wall; there appear to be no actual exits to the room. When characters enter the Jibblies Painting, they appear in a cartoony style reminiscent of Powered by The Cheat toons and their colors are dominated by cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

The Rocoulm's name was discovered when his catchphrase was featured as a Quote of the Week. Before it was removed, the link to the Jibblies Painting in the weeklies.xml file was "rocoulm". The demon's name was confirmed in Jibblies 2, in which the name of the Jibblies Painting's tarot card is "The Rocoulm".

The Jibblies Painting was also seen in More Fan Costumes as a pumpkin. Before succumbing to the jibblies, Strong Bad states the painting is way more evil in pumpkin form. It was later seen in costume format in Fan Costumes '09. Strong Bad professes that the costume is too impressive to give him the jibblies (before succumbing to the jibblies upon seeing a child in a Coach Z costume). He may be married to the Goblin, as revealed in Later That Night..., despite Rocoulm's claim in Jibblies 2 that the Goblin has "serious problems".

Fun Facts

  • The Rocoulm's catchphrase is identical to the phrase used to greet Mario on the first star of Big Boo's Haunt in Super Mario 64. Also, in the same game, the "worlds" were entered by stepping or jumping into paintings, like Homestar did. Ironically, Big Boo's Haunt is not accessed this way.


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