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Strong Bad having the jibblie jibblies.
This article is about the running gag. For the toon, see Jibblies 2.
Not to be confused with Gooblies.

The jibblies occur when something creeps out Strong Bad, such as that horrible painting that's been in Strong Mad's room since they were little, the thought of giving The Poopsmith a bath, or even watching Homestar Runner and Marzipan go on a date. In mild cases, Strong Bad shudders and mutters "jibblie". In more severe cases, he will twitch uncontrollably and repeatedly and incoherently say "jibblie". The jibblies can also occur when Strong Bad is "weirded out". In Jibblies 2, it is revealed that the Jibblies don't just affect Strong Bad, but nearly everyone else (including the Jibblies Painting itself). Only Homestar and Homsar are known to resist jibblification, Homestar being simply oblivious and Homsar being apparently immune to it.

The Jibblies just missed a place in Strong Bad's "bottom 10", ranking at number 11.


  • Debut: Email your friends — The thought of bathing The Poopsmith gives Strong Bad the jibblies.
  • Email date — Watching Homestar and Marzipan going on a date gives Strong Bad the jibblies.
  • Email rock opera — The word "jibblie" ("Whatever action baby actually went jibblie") was taken from your friends.
  • Email bottom 10 — The jibblies rank "number 11" on Strong Bad's Bottom 10. The Jibblies Painting gives Strong Bad the jibblies.
  • More Fan Costumes — One of the fanstuff is a pumpkin carved to look like the Jibblies Painting, in which it gives Strong Bad the jibblies.
  • Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes (DVD commentary) — Mike says that Sweet Cuppin' Cakes gives him the jibblies.
  • Jibblies 2 — The Jibblies Painting gives everyone the jibblies except for Homestar. In an Easter egg, Homsar gives the Jibblies Painting the jibblies.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad declares that the locker room gives him the jibblies. He also mutters "Jibblie jibblie" at the thought of seeing Homestar naked.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Strong Bad gets the jibblies after recalling the time he found Strong Mad's "below the belt" paste, and mentions getting them when told about Strong Sad's trunk. A clockwork Strong Bad doll breaks down and repeats "jibblie jibblie jibblie" over and over.
  • Most in the Graveyard Teaser — The W gets the jibblies.
  • Baddest of the Bands — Strong Bad briefly gets the jibblies when observing the Jibblies Painting in Strong Mad's closet.
  • 8-Bit is Enough — In a reprise of Baddest of the Bands, Strong Bad gets the jibblies when encountering the painting in Strong Mad's closet. It also occurs when he says "Bloody Mary" in the mirror, making the Jibblies Painting suddenly appear behind him. He also gets the jibblies the first time a photo is taken in a location with a hidden ghost, and after mentioning Strong Sad's "below the belt paste".
  • Fan Costumes '09 — Strong Bad declares that one person dressed as the Rocoulm does not give him the jibblies, but gets them on the next picture: a baby dressed as Coach Z.
  • Poker Night at the Inventory — Strong Bad talks to The Heavy about his "jibblie nightmares" involving Strong Bad eating a sandwich version of Homestar while being held at gunpoint by Marzipan.
  • Fan Costumes 2016 — Strong Bad gets "Coach Zibblies" from a comment Coach Z makes on a costume.
  • Wyrmwood Video — Strong Bad gets a minor case of the jibblies after thinking the video is an advertisement for old man medication.
  • @StrongBadActual Tweet (23 Jul 2017) — Strong Bad recaps the film Spirited Away, admitting that when something gets huge and giant and starts oozing blood and goop all over the place, he always gets the Studio Ghibli-jibblies.
  • Action Cool News-oween Report — Puppet Rocoulm is perched outside the door of a suburban house for Halloween, giving Puppet Strong Bad, Puppet The Cheat and Mustachioed Homestar the jibblies.
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