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In many toons and games, the loading screen has something on other than the standard "Loading...". Many of these have some relevance to the toon/game they appear in.


Toon/Game Loading Screen Relevance to toon/game Picture
Stinkoman Sunday Fun Talk FIND THE LOADBEARER... None
50K Racewalker loada... None
Experimental Film comin' up None
Hallrunner loadaling None
Happy Fireworks Loafing... What Coach Z and Bubs are doing at the start of the toon
Homestarloween Party loading the Halloween deal It's a Halloween toon. PAY PLUS! The Email Show sample loading free pay sample... A free sample of the PAY PLUS content.
Kick The Cheat Loadin None
Kid Speedy WIDE LOADING The main character of the game is a "little fatso".
Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up Lourding... None, but it may refer to the Heavy Lourde
More Fan Costumes loadems... None
No Hands On Deck! loadinate May be a reference to Burninate.
Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer Rather loading... The main character is Rather Dashing.
Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer Old Version loading a fairly big deal... TBC made a big deal of this toon, so much their server crashed by the initial onslaught of viewers
Peasant's Quest Preview, Snowglobe VOADING It's a preview of a Videlectrix game.
Seasonal Sweaters LOAD IT! None
Stinkoman 20X6 LOAD IT UP... The Game uses deliberately poor English throughout.
Stinkomanual loading manuél It's an instruction manual, and the spelling displays poor English.
Strong Bad's Website LO-DING None
Superbowl Dealie {No loading screen} None -
The Cheatar Comin' up... The font is reminiscent of the logo of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
Eggs Legging... The toon is about eggs.
Ever and More! loading, friend. This is likely a reference to the fact that the toon parodies various Brotherhoods and Fraternities. The loading screen seems to be a parody of fraternal greetings.
Main Page 24 {No loading screen} None -
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