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(Strong Bad Email: not by TBC)
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| [[Homestar Runner]] types this along with a [[50 emails#Homestar's attempts at DELETED|bunch of other words]] while attempting to [[DELETED|delete]] an email on Strong Bad's computer.
| [[Homestar Runner]] types this along with a [[50 emails#Homestar's attempts at DELETED|bunch of other words]] while attempting to [[DELETED|delete]] an email on Strong Bad's computer.
| nowrap | [[50 emails]]
| nowrap | [[50 emails]]
| align=center | '''g2g'''
| align=center | "Got to Go"
| Used in the sender's signature.
| nowrap | [[dragon]]
| align=center | '''hooray4dolphins'''
| align=center | '''hooray4dolphins'''

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"Puh-owned! Or however you say that..."

Internet slang has appeared in various forms throughout the Homestar Runner universe, including 1337 (a variation of written language that substitutes various numbers and symbols for letters). The first use of Internet slang appeared in the Strong Bad Email i she be. Internet slang is commonly used in graffiti.

[edit] Teen Girl Squad

Word/Phrase Meaning Context Appearance
T33n G1rl Squ4dx0rx!! Teen Girl Squad Displayed in the title bar. Teen Girl Squad Menu
w00t!, woot! "All right!", "Okay!" or similar The girls say this in response to Cheerleader finding a fashion magazine. In issue 5, the former presidents all say this in sequence after So and So asks if they'd like to go tandem parasailing with her. Teen Girl Squad Issue 2, Teen Girl Squad Issue 5
My card is totally max0rzed! My card is totally maxed! Cheerleader says this while wearing an elephant head at the mall. Teen Girl Squad Issue 3
pØwned! Pwned! Used when So and So is crushed by a Koopa shell. Strong Bad is not quite sure how to pronounce it. Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
p4wned! Pawned! Tompkins says this immediately after Manolios Ugly One advertises his store at The Ugly One's birthday party. Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
teh the Cheerleader says "Your stepmoms is teh fascist" in response to So and So saying that Judith is making her get a job at shirt folding store. Teen Girl Squad Issue 11
Hy, Clas Prez! Cn i B Yr VLNT9? Hey, class president! Can I be your Valentine? Cheerleader texts this to the Class president on Valentine's Day. Teen Girl Squad Issue 12
Def. U R A ttl haw-T. Definitely. You are a total hottie. This is Class Prez's response to the above text message from Cheerleader. Teen Girl Squad Issue 12
U ROOL! <B >KO)-> You rule! a heart, frontways cupid. This is Cheerleader's response to the above text message from Class Prez. Class Prez then asks what she means when saying he's "less than B". The Wireless Wizard then appears and asks what >KO)-> is. Cheerleader claims it is a "frontways cupid", but the Wizard thinks it looks more like a USB dongle goblin. Teen Girl Squad Issue 12
TTYL Talk to you later This is Cheerleader's goodbye when a USB Dongle Goblin decapitates her and Class Prez. Teen Girl Squad Issue 12
BRB Be right back Class Prez says "I won't BRB!" after Cheerleader tells him "TTYL" (or "talk to you later"). This was his goodbye, as the two had both been recently decapitated by a USB Dongle Goblin. Teen Girl Squad Issue 12
n00b Someone who acts unintelligent on the internet When the wolf is given to a girl in scene 3, the girl calls Anubis "A-n00b-is you!". Later, when Anubis kills the girl, Narrator Strong Bad says "CURSE OF THE GODS! THE NEW ALBUM FROM A-N00B-IS!!!". Cave Girl Squad

[edit] Strong Bad Email

Word/Phrase Meaning Context Appearance
gr8lookinggrrl, LOL, OMG, L8r "Great Looking Girl", "Laughing Out Loud", "Oh My God,
Oh My Gosh, etc.", "Later" (respectively)
Seen in the instant-message conversation between The Cheat and gr8lookinggrrl. i she be
g2g, roxors, lmao "Got to Go", "Rocks", "Laughing My *** Off" (respectively) Seen in the instant-messages by Strong Bad's "ladies". sugarbob
733t3d Leeted or Teeted Homestar Runner types this along with a bunch of other words while attempting to delete an email on Strong Bad's computer. 50 emails
hooray4dolphins Hooray For Dolphins This was supposedly Marzipan's screen name on an Instant Messenger program while Strong Bad was trying to respond to his email. marzipan
M4RZIP4N Marzipan Strong Bad types this to pull up Marzipan's picture on the Compy 386. big white face
Teh The The Cheat signs his emails with "Teh C." cheatday
The Ch8t The Cheat The Cheat's Cheatventures in Moses MaloneLand, mile Easter Egg. bedtime story, mile
St8K DiNNeR Steak Dinner Strong Bad spray paints this on Marzipan. origins
4rt b4ndit Art bandit Printed on a shirt worn by The Cheat while he defaces a portrait of Strong Bad. portrait
4actor Z Factor Z Graffiti on the shutter of Bubs' Concession Stand when Bubs closes it in outrage. narrator
Cuz Because Strong Bad types and says "Cuz I'm finally taking you out for those hushpuppies you always wanted!" to the Lappy 486. retirement
4, I3, (, I>, 3, I=, 6, #, 1 A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I Above the chalkboard in Marzipan's classroom. coloring
cL0Bb3R! Clobber! In the last panel of the Dullard strip 4 branches
B4KDØR H4XXØR Backdoor hacker In the bottom right corner of the On Point Kings pamphlet, laid out using a pirated version of QuarkXPress. more armies
TH3 3ND The End Above the last panel of Strong Bad's first thought-up comic web comics
WTC What the Crap Strong Bad exclaims this in shock that his 200th email is addressed to Homestar. This is a take on WTF. email thunder

[edit] Other

Word/Phrase Meaning Context Appearance
D8 Date Used in the Toons Menu's three-letter channel ID for Date Nite. TV Time Toons Menu
ROTF, FYI "Rolling On The Floor", "For Your Information" (respectively) Phrases exchanged between Homestar and Strong Bad. Biz Cas Fri 3
DJ Teh Cheat DJ The Cheat The Cheat's professional name; he styles himself this way to mix records and DJ at Club Technochocolate. Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2 (Easter egg), geddup noise
PLZ Please Used in Homestar's "text message" to Marzipan. Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2
OMG Oh My God, Oh My Gosh, etc. Used when you get the coins from the log. Thy Dungeonman 3
JAN8OR Janitor Seen on Coach Z's mop bucket. Rap Song
HAXXORED! Hacked, broken into (could also mean "hackered") Seen over Tompkins' website. 4 Gregs
Ch8t Edgy revamp of "The Cheat" The Xeriouxly Forxe version of The Cheat. Xeriouxly Forxe
Jrk jerk Coach Z has a sign that says KOT = JRK. Strong Badia The Free
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