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Leetspeak is a variation of the English written language, subsituting letters for various numbers and symbols. It has been used several times in the Homestar Runner universe. Its first use was in the title bar of the Teen Girl Squad menu page, which says T33n G1rl Squ4dx0rx!!. In big white face, Strong Bad typed in M4RZIP4N to pull up a picture of Marzipan. In 50 emails, Homestar was trying to delete an email and inadvertantly typed several other words, including 733t3d, which translates to Teeted. In Teen Girl Squad Issue 3, Cheerleader says "My card is totally max0rzed!". In Teen Girl Squad Issue 10, Tompkins says pØwned!, and later p4wned!. In bedtime story, The Cheat listens to The Ch8t's Ch8tventures in Moses Malone Land. In portrait, The Cheat sports a shirt that reads 4rt b4ndit.


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