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== [[Teen Girl Squad]] ==
== [[Teen Girl Squad]] ==
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! Leetspeak !! Translates To !! Context !! Appears In
! Leetspeak !! Translates To !! Context !! Appears In

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pØwned! Or however you say that...

Leetspeak is a variation of the English written language, substituting various numbers and symbols for letters. It has been used several times in the Homestar Runner universe, first appearing in the Strong Bad Email i she be.

Strong Bad Email

Leetspeak Translates To Context Appears In
gr8lookinggrrl, LOL, OMG, L8r "Great Looking Girl", "Laughing Out Loud", "Oh My God", "Later" (respectively) Seen in the instant-message conversation between The Cheat and gr8lookinggrrl. Email i she be
733t3d Teeted Homestar Runner types this along with a bunch of other words while attempting to DELETE an email on Strong Bad's computer. Email 50 emails
M4RZIP4N Marzipan Strong Bad types this to pull up Marzipan's picture on the Compy 386. Email big white face
Dunkin' The Ch8t Dunkin' The Cheat Seen on a parade float in the Powered By The Cheat email. Email mile
The Ch8t's Ch8tventures in Moses Malone Land The Cheat's Cheatventures in Moses Malone Land The Cheat listens to this ongoing story to fall asleep. Email bedtime story
4rt b4ndit Art bandit Printed on a shirt worn by The Cheat while he defaces a portrait of Strong Bad. Email portrait

Teen Girl Squad

Leetspeak Translates To Context Appears In
T33n G1rl Squ4dx0rx!! Teen Girl Squad Displayed in the title bar. Teen Girl Squad Menu
My card is totally max0rzed! My card is totally maxed! Cheerleader says this while wearing an elephant head at the mall. Teen Girl Squad Issue 3
pØwned! Pwned! Used when So And So is crushed by a Koopa shell. Strong Bad is not sure how to pronounce it. Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
p4wned! Pawned! Tompkins says this immediately after Manolios Ugly One advertises his store at The Ugly One's birthday party. Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
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