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This article is about innuendo. It contains risqué subjects that may make you or your great-grandma blush and will probably get you suspended.

Please, if you are not mature enough to handle an article concerning some very grown-up material, read no further.


In the Homestar Runner universe, there are rare instances of innuendoes.


  • Homestar Runner occasionally appears naked.
  • Thorax Corporation — In the Program Congratulation, one of the excluded delabors is "Illegal naked representation of other parties on Internet".
  • Email studyingStrong Bad suggests that the sender of the email has the potential to get to The Wikipedia page contains frank descriptions of sexual encounters. mature content first, second, and quite possibly even third base, and unless he's reading a book literally titled This Book is Better Than 1st, 2nd, and Quite Possibly Even 3rd Base, he should quit studying and hang out with his girlfriend.
  • Pumpkin Carve-nivalPom Pom's pumpkin is the famous silhouette of a woman stereotypically found on mudflaps.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — When the lights go out, Homestar casually notes that "somebody's a-grabbin' a-my butt".
  • Peasant's Quest — One of the characters is known as "Naked Ned".
  • Email bottom 10 — Number 10 on Strong Bad's bottom 10 list is The Wikipedia page contains explicit imagery. explicit content dry T-shirt contests.
  • Cool ThingsStrong Sad sings, "Oh, getting lucky tonight" as he takes Homestar's yellow paint for a "date with a wall".
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — In the French Homestar ending, Homestar sings that he's "gettin' lucky tonight".
  • Fall Float ParadeCoach Z apologizes to Marzipan, his co-host at the 4Tst Annual Fall Float Parade, for "any inapprapriate comments [he] may have made" during the commercials.
  • Email senior prom — When the lights go out at the prom, Marzipan says, "Hey! Watch those hands, David Coppafeel!"
  • Email trading cards — Strong Bad suggests Coach Z is "known in seven states" for his self-butt pats.
  • Email unnatural — In an Easter egg, Marzipan requests of Strong Bad "Now lemme see your cans", to his confusion. While they were talking about recyclables, "cans" is also slang for a woman's breasts.
  • An Important Rap Song — The song contains the lyrics "It's spring break, Girlies running wild" and "Find a fly girlie for some beach romance" and also describes a woman as "a fresh honey".
  • Email fan club — In Strong Sad's fanfic Strong Bad is said to "[put] on a bonnet and [give] Homestar a deep tissue massage". In the DVD commentary Strong Bad also mentions romantic fanfics.
  • Email licensed — When Strong Bad asks Bubs what's under his trenchcoat, Bubs responds "I'm a public flasher".
  • Women and Men — In this Limozeen song, Larry Palaroncini sings that "it's time for makin' love".
  • Email love poems — Strong Bad suggests to get with the ladies by buying "a fourteen-pound bag of extra-long—" before being cut off by Homestar.
  • Play DateStrong Mad asks Homestar if he can "come out and play". He suggests other terms like "hanging out, messing around, kicking back", to which Strong Mad replies "LET'S FOOL AROUND!" Homestar asks him not to call it that, either.
  • Email your edge — From the dark room he and The Cheat are in, Strong Bad tells Strong Sad that he and The Cheat are "shenanigan-ing" each other by themselves. Strong Sad asks what he means, and Strong Bad says that couldn't possibly be taken out of context.
  • Email being mean — For his role in drama club as head male cheerleader, Coach Z hits on Marzipan with a mangled pick up line "My parents' room is out of town in my car. Wanna go park out?"
  • Which Ween Costumes? — Regarding Decemberween and Halloween, Strong Bad says, "I think we may have gotten our... 'weens' crossed," to which Strong Sad in clear distress replies, "Can you please never say that again??"
  • I Killed Pom Pom — Homestar calls Pom Pom his concubine (without knowing what it means).
  • Flash is Dead! — In an Easter egg, Bubs implies he will use Coach Z to repopulate the human race, much to Strong Bad's dismay.
  • Fan Costumes 2016 — Coach Z claims to wear a green long-sleeve shirt as pants and, when asked by Strong Bad, says the neck hole is "not [for] what you'd think."
  • Emal your funeral — Strong Bad tells Strong Sad to keep his chappy thong to himself.

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