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Several times, innards of characters will be used as a location. These are usually stomachs or other organs in that general area. Once the characters go inside the innards, it makes them seem much smaller.

Lion's Innards

"I got you this half-digested gazelle carcass."

Appearing in Teen Girl Squad Issue 6, it is the inside of a lion. However, it appears more similar to a whale's insides. This is where the Decemberween gift exchange went on. What's Her Face was the only one in the squad who chose not to enter here.

Sickly Sam's Innards

"What manner of uncivilized ribcage is this?"

A stomach belonging to Sickly Sam. It contains moonshine, a shovel, a barrel, parcheesi, and Old-Timey Strong Bad. According to Old-Timey Strong Bad, it is uncivilized, and it seems very unkempt. It appears in Sickly Sam's Big Outing.

Pan Pan's Innards

"I'm thankful for Pan Pan's epiglottis!"

This is Pan Pan's stomach. This is where 1-Up (tries to) teach Stinkoman how to give thanks in Twenty THANXty Six. It somehow contains a desk at which an executive, such as Stinkoman, can buy and sell. The texturing on the inside wall resembles the surface of a brain.

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