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In the Strong Bad Email imaginary, it was revealed that several residents of Free Country, USA have or have once had imaginary friends. Strong Bad considers many of their names to be very creepy, which he claims is one of the reasons they were outlawed by "insane parents".


Scotty Titi

"Scotty Titi is just a lump? A mound? A pile?"

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Rubby Plop-Plop

This was The King of Town's imaginary friend. He has the appearance of a man wearing a top hat. He may be meant to resemble the Mad Hatter.

Sir Zabblepants

This was Homestar Runner's imaginary friend. He has the appearance of a weird guy with a very large head and mouth.

Dingy Donger

This was Bubs' imaginary friend. He has the appearance of a rabbit. He is probably a reference to Harvey, a play and movie about a man who insists that he has a 6 foot invisible rabbit named Harvey as a friend.

Real Live Actual Mr. Blangcaster Next Door

This was Coach Z's imaginary friend. He has the appearance of a man wearing a large coat. He constantly shivers and seems to make a creaking sound when he moves. Judging by his name, it is possible that Mr. Blangcaster actually existed, although Coach Z has been known to blatantly lie about people's existence.

Frishy Freshy Dragonman

"Can I go now?"

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Pumpy Clumpy

"Your imaginary pal, Pumpy Clumpy."

Strong Bad signs his reply off with "Your imaginary pal, Pumpy Clumpy". This friend is visible in an Easter egg. It appears to have three large dripping fingers on each hand, and is covered with lumps and spikes. It may be wearing a hat, but it is difficult to tell.

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