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"You wanna make some wood-davers with me?"
"Feelin' woozy..."

Hyperactive Strong Sad (or Caffeinated Strong Sad) is the result of a suggestion sent in by Justin from Murfreesboro in the Strong Bad Email caffeine. In this email, Strong Bad put some instant coffee in Strong Sad's orange juice and observed his resulting hyperactivity in order to compete in the All-Wide Science Fair. The results of the experiment led Strong Bad to conclude that his brother was dead, and adopted. Strong Sad has since become hyperactive several times, possibly due to sensitivity to stress, although Strong Sad has admitted to being on medication of some kind. When Strong Sad becomes hyperactive, one of his eyes opens larger than normal, and his fingers twitch restlessly, and he speaks at a much faster rate than usual.


While hyperactive, Strong Sad has exhibited the following behaviors:

  • Became "erratic, violent, and really funny to watch", according to Strong Bad
  • Began acting "way creepier than normal. Like, even for Strong Sad", according to Strong Bad
  • Made up arts and crafts ideas, such as wood-davers, and tried to convince Marzipan to make them with him
  • Saw wood-davers everywhere, thinking he'd been given superpowers by an alien spaceship
  • Attempted to speak The Cheat's language
  • Was unable to remember his legs
  • Hung upside-down or stood on the ceiling in the Basement of the Brothers Strong
  • Said random words like "Parakeet"
  • Slapped Coach Z several times and stole his hat
  • Became upset when people said "pseudo-name" instead of "pseudonym"
  • Eventually returned to normal and then passed out


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