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"Okay because I'm gonna leave now!"

Humidibot is a robotic humidifier seen in Fan Costumes 2015. He was first mentioned by Strong Bad, who exclaimed that an otherwise completely unremarkable humidifier visible in the background of one of the photographs was a "dead-on Humidibot costume". Following that, there was a cut-away to a brief exchange in The Field between himself and the "real" Humidibot. One peculiar characteristic of Humidibot is that when he speaks, his top tends to flap open, making a mechanical sound and spilling some water out. He also makes a warbling noise while rolling.

In Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2, Humidibot claims to have a girlfriend named Humidibeth, who sounds exactly like Humidibot. He also mentions that he is trying to expand his personality beyond simply telling people that he is Humidibot.


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