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Strong Bad interrupts a hremail.
The Happy 8600

hremail (short for Homestar Runner Email) is apparently an email show by Homestar Runner, similar in nature to Strong Bad Email (with which it frequently overlaps). Homestar's computer is called the Happy 8600, which is modeled after the XO-1 computer for the One Laptop Per Child Program. The first time a hremail was officially seen was in the 200th Strong Bad Email, email thunder, during which Strong Bad interrupted a hremail, vowing to ruin the program after learning of its existence. Strong Bad does this by sending a fake email to Homestar, asking for a tour of his "not-in-front-of-your-computer" (Aka. The Field). After Homestar leaves, Strong Bad uses a super-sized bottle of Mountain Dew to ruin Homestar's Happy 8600, similar to Homestar pouring Mountain Dew on the Compy 386 in the sbemail anything.

Sending an email to Homestar's address - - prompts the following auto-reply:

Subject: My Inbox Runneth Ova!

Oh, hello everyone! For some unknown reason I'm getting this big cavalcanche of emails all of the sudden. They're filling up the basement and I'm running out of paper towels!

Just sit tight and hremails will be back to normal before you know it.

And thanks again to everyone who participated in Bacon Pretend Week! Ron Staple you are a GENIUS!

Okay bye,
Homestar Runner

"HREmail 49" Transcript

{Homestar Runner is standing in a room in his pajamas and covered in kiss marks. Some girls can be heard laughing in the background.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {a pillow hits Homestar} Whoa! Ladies! Girls! {another pillow hits Homestar} Take it easy!

{yet, another pillow hits Homestar} What do you think this is? hremail 24? {a large pillow knocks Homestar over}

"HREmail 24" Transcript

The screen is simply red with the text Banned For Content across the center. This appears to reference sb_email 22, which was "Banned in the UK".

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