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The Computer Room

The House of the Brothers Strong is where Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and Strong Sad all live together. The Cheat spends a lot of time here, and his computer is at the house, even though he sleeps and officially "lives" in The King of Town's Grill. Gavin and The Cheat seem to be the closest things the brothers have to pets in the house. The exterior of the building has yet to be seen, but most of the action happens somewhere in this house.

It is sometimes implied that The Brothers Strong still live with their parents, but is never explicitly stated or shown.



Da Basement

Very little is known about the layout of the rooms; here is what has been gathered:

  • The front door (or the most used exit) is to the right when facing Strong Bad's computer in the Computer Room.
    • Another entrance may exist to the left, as Homsar enters that way in the email interview. Hovever, this may simply be evidence of another of Homsar's odd powers.
  • Strong Bad's Basement and The Cheat's Computer Room are accessed to the left when facing the computer.
  • Strong Sad's Room is directly behind Strong Bad when he sits at his computer.
  • The Computer Room is directly above Strong Bad's Basement, as can seen in Sbemail 150?!?. It appears to be extremely long (front to back) and has at least three doors to the right. As seen in the email dragon, it is large enough to contain a number of long wooden tables.

Known Rooms

A bad room.


Computer Rooms

Other Rooms

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