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"Legitimate Business!"

To find the Homsar Main Page click on the last digit on the copyright date on any main page (except the Luau Main Page). It's also accessible via an Easter Egg at the end of the Strong Bad Email interview.

It's Homsar, being random as usual. Notice that the navigation buttons are all staggered and askew instead of arranged neatly along the white line.

Page title (if accessed using the Main Pages): "LEGITIMATE MENU PAGE!"

Page title (if accessed from interview): "Compy 386!"

Cast (in order of appearance): Homsar, Strong Sad

Place: The Field

Icon: Homsar

Button Effects

  • Toons — Bubbles come out of his mouth when he says, "ToOoOons!"
  • Games — He says, "James!" and gets hit with a Heavy Lourde, inspired by the email homsar.
  • Characters — He says, "Kelsey Grammer," gets a mustache (which he keeps until you roll over another button), and a dinosaur appears with a sign that says "BEAT STATE!" wrapped around its back.
  • Downloads — He says, "Thank you," as a boat goes by backwards in the background and toots its horn in reverse.
  • Store — He says, "Legitimate Business!" and Strong Sad comes up and says, "How did you get up there? I don't think this is a very good idea."
  • Email — Homsar wails, "AaAaAaAaAaAaA!" and the background waves insanely behind him until the cursor is moved.

Fun Facts


  • The URL for the page is "memorabilia.html"; however, the .swf file is "main_homsar.swf".
  • The print on the Heavy Lourde is gray on this Main Page, while it was white in its initial appearance.


Spot the difference
  • There is actually a difference in design between the Homsar in the Homsar Main Page and the one in interview. The shading in the interview Homsar's shirt is bigger, the Main Page Homsar's hat is smaller, his eyes are set a little bit higher up, and the outline of the interview Homsar's shirt is darker.
  • The "copyright 2000-2009" text overlaps Homsar.


  • After you roll over the "Games" link and take your mouse off it takes a few seconds for Homsar's hat to reappear.

Fixed Glitches

  • The animation for Strong Sad in "Store" originally had him speaking, silently, an extra word after speaking "idea".

NB: This only happened with Flash Player 8 or 9. With Flash Player 7, the timing was correct.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Kelsey Grammer is an actor best known for his role as Frasier Crane on Cheers and its spinoff Frasier. In the opening credits of Cheers, his name was displayed over an antique photograph of a mustachioed man wearing a bowler hat and drinking a beer.

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