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'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' Puppet [[Homestar Runner]], [[Little Girl]]
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' Puppet [[Homestar Runner]], [[Little Girl]]
'''Date:''' October 25, 2004
== Transcript ==
== Transcript ==

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"Which do you like better, twicks or tweats?"

Puppet Homestar asks the little girl from the previous "Homestar vs. Little Girl" short what she likes about Halloween.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet Homestar Runner, Little Girl

Date: October 25, 2004



(The words "Homestar vs. Little Girl Part 2" appear on an orange background. After a few seconds, the titles get drenched with blood. We then cut to Puppet Homestar Runner wearing a witches' hat and the little girl wearing a pumpkin costume, both sitting in a field full of Halloween pumpkins.)

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: What are you dressed as, little girl?

LITTLE GIRL: A pumpkin!

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: A pumpkin? What would you put inside your own witches' brew?

LITTLE GIRL: Um, candy!

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Candy? Hey, what's your favorite Halloween candy?

LITTLE GIRL: {mumbles} Lollipops!


LITTLE GIRL: Lollipops!

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Lollipops; what flavor lollipops?

LITTLE GIRL: Um, chocolate!

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: {laughs a little} Chocolate lollipops?

LITTLE GIRL: You like em?


LITTLE GIRL: You ... like em?

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: I don't think that's scientifically possible.

LITTLE GIRL: Let's play tag.

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's play tag, okay. {he tags her and sashays away} You're it.

LITTLE GIRL: {screaming and laughing} I'm gonna kick you!


{She kicks him with an exaggerated sound effect.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, you wanna kick me now.

{She tries to kick him again and misses.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's not allowed either.

{She squeals.}

LITTLE GIRL: {indicating one of those silly little mini-pumpkins} Look, a pumpkin!

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Look at that little pumpkin!

LITTLE GIRL: It's 'mall.

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: You can't carve that pumpkin!

LITTLE GIRL: {gives Puppet Homestar Runner the cat claw treatment} DAAAAAH!

{Puppet Homestar Runner slowly backs away. The Little Girl smacks him with his witch hat six times, again with a loud sound effect, giggling all the while.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey! {getting smacked in his puppety head} Hey, little girl!


PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Which do you like best, tricks or treats?

LITTLE GIRL: {thinks a minute, then responds emphatically} Treats.


LITTLE GIRL: Gimme a kiss.

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: {makes an oh-hoing noise} Well-well!

{She kisses him in a ridiculously cute manner. Puppet Homestar Runner makes an emphatic MWAAAHH spitting noise in response to the kiss. The video ends with the words, "Halloween cartoon later this week!" against an orange background and a punching sound.}

Fun Facts

  • Homestar vs. Little Girl first appeared in a Decemberween In July easter egg.
  • Witches' Brew, an inside joke that Homestar has mentioned several times before, makes yet another appearance here.
  • The pumpkin behind Homestar has Marshie's face for a short time, and then Trogdor carved into it, presumeably using the Pumpkin Stencils.
  • Also, when the little girl is beating puppet Homestar Runner in the head, you can see a Stinkoman pumpkin!
  • The kicking and hat-smacking sound effect is also used in ye olde Kicking Game, courtesy of the Secret Pages.
  • The opening music is reminiscent of the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes theme, and is probably played on the same toy piano. The music may also be a reference to the theme from John Carpenter's movie Halloween. You can even hear the tune with the organ in the start of "Pumpkin Carvenival"!
  • The red "blood" that covers the screen at the beginning is the same as the beginning of the Malloween Commercial.
  • The description on the Toons menu says "Little girl be's cute." This probably references the bet, in which Strong Bad says "Let's see you be's cool."
  • The ending tagline, "Halloween Toon Later This Week!" refers to Halloween Fairstival, which was released the following Friday.

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