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"It sounds like funny, but it's not."

Puppet Homestar asks a little girl about Decemberween.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet Homestar Runner, Little Girl

Date: July 12, 2004

Running Time: 1:09

Page Title: Homestar vs. Little Girl

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 1; Everything Else, Volume 2


{The title "Homestar vs. Little Girl" appears. Scene opens to reveal Puppet Homestar with Little Girl. Homestar wears a Santa hat. Throughout the cartoon the action often cuts, as if we're watching selected pieces of a longer video.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What do you want for Decemberween?

LITTLE GIRL: I want {pauses, contemplating her answer} a special! {throws her arms into the air to emphasize}

{Homestar misinterprets Little Girl's response, due to her lack of enunciation}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {befuddled} A space show?

{Cut to the little girl waving her hands around excitedly. A Christmas tree is now partially visible in the background and Homestar is missing his hat.}

LITTLE GIRL: Geet geet geet geet geet geet geet geet.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {waving back and forth} Geet geet geet geet geet geet geet geet.

{Cut to Homestar's Santa hat sitting crooked on his head.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, did you want to fix my hat?


{Little Girl attempts to fix the hat with limited success. She tries pulling it down in the front, but it isn't working.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow, my eyes! {Mike is heard laughing in the background, but only slightly}

LITTLE GIRL: That's okay.

{Cut and Homestar's hat is somewhat fixed.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What would you like for Decemberween?

{Slight cut.}



LITTLE GIRL: Do—do you like all these DVDs? {she makes an 'all encompassing' gesture with her hands}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I love every DVD that was ever made.

LITTLE GIRL: What kind of DVD do you like?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I like... space show DVDs best.


LITTLE GIRL: Going to get lots and lots of presents!

{Homestar misinterprets Little Girl again}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Lots of breakfasts. What type of breakfast do you have?


LITTLE GIRL: {singing, sort of} Some jelly, and peanut butter.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Jelly, and peanut butter. Jelly, and peanut butter. {his hat begins to slip off his head as he sings} Here goes my hat.


LITTLE GIRL: {laughing} That sounds like funny.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Chuckles slightly} It sounds like funny, but it's not.

Fun Facts

  • This video is an Easter egg on the Decemberween In July Menu. To get to it, click on the green light at the top of the screen, directly above the "w" in "Decemberween."
  • "Jelly, and peanut butter" might come from a song that small children sing that goes, "Peanut butter, and jelly."
  • Homestar mentions "space shows" which is the name of one of tapes from the Easter egg in 12:00.
  • The little girl keeps looking down when Homestar talks because she may be looking at Matt Chapman who is controlling and voicing the puppet.

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