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"I'm delighted you've decided to set up shop about ten feet away from me!"

Homestar Runner and Bubs's relationship is often a good and steady friendship. Homestar usually talks to Bubs nicely while buying from or just hanging out at his concession stand. While these two have gotten into conflict, it's rarely personal.

Homestar Runner and Bubs getting along/working together

  • Email labor day — Homestar invites Bubs to the Labor Day party.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — Homestar talks with Bubs while buying at the concession stand before Halloween night falls.
  • Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon — Homestar turns in Strong Bad and The Cheat for trying to break into Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Bug In Mouth Disease — Homestar asks Bubs to help find the bug that he swallowed. Looking inside Homestar's mouth, Bubs concludes that Homestar has no pancreas, so he has a fresh one for sale, just in case.
  • Senorial Day — Homestar helps out on Bubs's Senorial Day commercials.
  • Cool Things — Homestar attempts to buy paint and cool shades from Bubs, who replies that he closed due to cutbacks and layoffs. Bubs then proceeds to "stick it to the man" and gives Homestar the items free of charge. Homestar later exchanges the cool shades for "something of lesser or much lesser value", which was a bag of four grapes.
  • A Folky Tale (Easter egg) — Bubs advises Homestar over the phone to lay low for a while and says, "you is my dog, too".
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Bubs would give Homestar a Jurassic Park III collector's spoon for the funky dancing. In the epilogue, Homestar would compliment Bubs's costume.
  • Fall Float Parade — Homestar tries to guard the concession stand while Bubs performs in the parade, but Strong Mad still manages to steal it. Homestar then attempts to substitute a small cardboard box for Bubs' recently-ripped-off-the-ground concession stand, hoping Bubs won't know the difference.
  • No Hands on Deck! — Bubs is intrigued by Homestar's idea of building a deck and goes to buy lots of melonade for the both of them to celebrate all summer long. When the deck is finished, the two confess that they both thought that it was going to be stupid and terrible because Homestar was building it.
  • Ever and More — Homestar allows Bubs to present the jetski he bought for the Broternal Order of Different Helmets.
  • The Baloneyman — Homestar buys from Bubs's baloney sammich truck.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Bubs attends Homestar's victory party at the house of the Brothers Strong.
  • A Death Defying Decemberween — Bubs is worried that Homestar will break his face into an unrecognizable clump if he goes down the Steep Deep. He later becomes a part of Homestar's holiday special and presents to him a small sled with a pre-printed gravestone epitaph on it, in case Homestar dies from sledding down the Steep Deep.
  • Donut Unto Others — Homestar tries to be friendly with Bubs about the whole doughnut business. Due to Bubs's offer to Homestar two hours prior, Bubs asks how Homestar's new questionable medical coverage policy is working out, and Homestar responds that it's going great so far.
  • The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar — Puppet Bubs offers to be Puppet Homestar's manager.
  • I Killed Pom Pom — Bubs and Coach Z give Homestar advice on making an alibi when Homestar thinks he's killed Pom Pom.

Homestar Runner and Bubs in conflict

  • A Jumping Jack Contest — Homestar and Bubs are two of the competitors in the titular competition.
  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Homestar briefly questions Bubs's decision to sell Strong Sad voodoo dolls.
  • Lookin at a Thing in a Bag — Bubs helps Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat trick Homestar into buying them drinks. Homestar intends that the fourth drink would be for him, but Bubs takes it before Homestar comes back. Later on, after Homestar admits he was lying about seeing what was that "thing in a bag", Bubs accosts him for it.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — Homestar brags that he could get a million pounds of candy while trick-or-treating, but Bubs is unimpressed by it. At Marzipan's house, Bubs laughs at Homestar for getting "bum candy" from The Poopsmith.
  • Email lunch special (Easter egg) — Homestar says that Bubs's flying is fake.
  • Broken Compy Menu — Homestar accuses Bubs of trying to "sell him a lemon".
  • Bug In Mouth Disease — Homestar is annoyed by Bubs not paying attention about the "good times" and questions him about being an unethical quack, to which Bubs responds that he is "the most quackinest".
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Bubs would give Homestar low grade items for either singing a terrible song or giving out the worst Reagan impression Bubs ever heard. In an Easter egg, Homestar mistakes Bubs's costume as Lando Calrissian. After Bubs corrects him as being the "Master of Disaster", Homestar warns The Poopsmith to "get ready".
  • Date Nite — Homestar is shocked to hear that Marzipan is having a date with Bubs.
  • Email licensed — Bubs sells Homestar a Strong Bad piƱata full of broken glass on the black market, which makes Homestar start bleeding, although he doesn't appear to be upset about it, and calls it his "best birthdays ever".
  • Play Date — Bubs takes advantage of the Concession Stand's relocation (and the fact that it crushed Homestar) by putting Homestar on sale.
  • The Baloneyman — Homestar becomes annoyed with Bubs repeating that one particular sandwich was "'shaped' like there was a bite taken out of it". Later, Homestar lets it slip that Bubs "probably [has] a really sketchy past".
  • A Death Defying Decemberween — Homestar sarcastically laughs at Bubs's joke of not knowing about the show, which is currently on the air. He then gets nervous when Bubs presents the gravestone epitaph on the sled.
  • Donut Unto Others — Bubs both metaphorically and literally gets steamed to see that Homestar has set up a competing doughnut place, Do-Nots, about ten feet away from his concession stand. Homestar thought Bubs was still selling questionable medical coverage before setting up shop, but that was two hours ago. Bubs intends to outdo Homestar at the 3:09 P.M. doughnut rush before and when The King of Town arrives to buy something, but Homestar seems less competitive. After Strong Bad attacks Homestar, Bubs sneaks out the back of the concession stand with triumph.
  • The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar — After becoming Puppet Homestar's pile manager, Shark-Tooth Bubs betrays Puppet Homestar by becoming Puppet Strong Bad's pile manager when Strong Bad claims the pile for himself.
  • I Killed Pom Pom — Bubs and Coach Z throw ostrich eggs at Homestar as he leaves the concession stand.
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