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Songs, Background Music, Jingles, and Worse

Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack Volume 3 was released on April 10, 2020, along with the other two volumes. By combined track length, it is the shortest of the three volumes.

Running time: 38:09

[edit] Track Listing

Number Title Length Source Notes
1 Homestar Runner Theme Song 1:17 Theme Song Video
2 Hold Music 0:20 isp Plays twice.
3 Rough Copy 0:21 rough copy The music from the action-packed credits sequence.
4 Xeriouxly Forxe 0:42 Xeriouxly Forxe This version is missing the explosion sound effect from the end of the toon.
5 Valentimes 0:20 Teen Girl Squad Issue 12 Includes the Strong Bad robot's Technological Romance jingle at the end.
6 DNA Evidence 0:48 DNA Evidence Track is the intro music, and plays intermittently throughout the toon.
7 Rap Song 2:02 Rap Song
8 Taped on Star 0:16 Fan Costumes '09 Known as "Bad Homestar Costumes" on Bandcamp.
9 Sbemailiarized Entertainment 0:29 Sbemailiarized!
10 Kissy Boots Medley 0:25 Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 "Breadtangle of Pizza", followed by "It's Over" (including the chomp and "Aw, crap").
11 2 Different Pies 0:14 Sing Along
12 Email Thunder 1:10 email thunder The background music for the closing scene.
13 Best Friends Squad 0:34 Teen Girl Squad Issue 9
14 Quite Popular Cartoon Show 0:14 senior prom
15 Jibblies 2 0:51 Jibblies 2 Includes the main theme of the toon at various intensities.
16 Decomposing Pumpkins 1:28 Decomposing Pumpkins
17 Fish Show 0:08 lures & jigs The theme song for "Fish Show with Strong Bad and Coach Z".
18 Wagon Fulla Pancakes 0:25 montage The background music for the first montage of the montage of montages.
19 Gonna Have a Good Time Tonight 0:47 A Folky Tale This is an extended version that also includes the refrain.
20 Rhythm N' Health 0:54 @StrongBadActual Tweets 2020 All songs in order, including the "six feet" exchange.
21 Admin Privileges 0:20 from work The music that plays in Homestar's imaginary sequence.
22 Strong Bad Is a Bad Guy 0:42 Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
23 Hip Hop Dance on My Head 0:07 New Boots The vocal Powered by The Cheat song that plays when The Cheat dances on Homestar's head.
24 Strong Bad-Type Interview Progrum 0:21 pizzaz The show's theme song.
25 So Macabre 0:43 Doomy Tales of the Macabre A slightly extended version of the title theme of the toon.
26 Twees It Out 0:32 lady fan A medley of all of the exercise instructions Homestar sings.
27 50 Greatest Hits 0:30 Sbemails' 50 Greatest Hits DVD Known as "Greatest Hits" on Bandcamp.
28 Everybody Knows It 0:37 labor day
29 You Can't Do It (So Give Up Now) 0:13 montage
30 Fall Float Parade 0:21 Fall Float Parade The music that plays outside of the K.O.T.H.S. segment in the toon.
31 Not Talkin' About Butter 0:50 Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2 The original song plays, followed by DJ Teh Cheat's remix.
32 4 Gregs 0:13 4 Gregs Consists of the Teen Girl-led song introducing the Gregs.
33 Price Check on 2 Babies 0:36 Shopping For Danger The music that plays inside the Price Style, with the Easter egg's "price check on 2 babies" quote at the end.
34 Light Purple Cummerbund 0:46 Teen Girl Squad Issue 15 The full song from the Easter egg, including Peacey P's tangent at the end.
35 Fluffy Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights 0:11 Mr. Shmallow (toon) The jingle from the end of the toon, followed by the disclaimer.
36 Cool Things 0:22 Cool Things The intro music that plays intermittently throughout the toon.
37 The Decoupage 0:22 death metal Known as "Submit to the Decoupage" on Bandcamp
38 Scroll Buttons Medley, Pt. 2 1:13 Scroll Button Songs Consists of a new song, the January 8, 2006 song, a new lyrical rampage duet with Coach Z, another new song, and the July 10, 2006 to August 31, 2009 songs.
39 Stoops & Gusso 0:36 radio Includes the public radio music prior to the Stoops & Gusso theme. The sound effects and laughing are included.
40 Trogdor Was a Man 1:07 Trogdor Was A Man
41 Mrs. Commanderson 0:10 Teen Girl Squad Issue 7
42 Mr. Poofers Must Die 0:31 Mr. Poofers Must Die The intro music that plays outside of the Mr. Poofers story segments.
43 Smart Drinks 0:53 nightlife
44 Let's Fhqwhgads Again 0:46 Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
45 Now I'll Do a Dance 0:24 Parsnips A-Plenty Includes The Homestar Runner's spoken introduction to the dance from 20X6 vs. 1936. Plays ten times and fades out near the end.
46 Really Great Gas Mileage 0:38 independent The city (comma) state music from the email, including the vocals.
47 Fabulous Guys 0:31 Album exclusive
48 Paratroop Behind Enemy Lines 0:32 Cheat Commandos (toon) The music played in the beginning of the toon. Plays three times, and fades out during the fourth.
49 Hip Hop Dance 0:50 New Boots
50 Original Bubs 0:13 original The music that plays when Original Bubs walks out on the show backwards.
51 Garbage Sale 0:32 garage sale The music that plays during Strong Bad's descriptions of garage sale patrons. Plays three times.
52 We Are the Cool Tapes 0:22 Quote of the Week
53 Pooltime 0:14 keep cool The music that plays during the "cool time, pool time" montage.
54 Portly Washboy Laundry Paste 0:06 radio The jingle from the old-timey radio portion.
55 Entrapment All Up on the Moon 0:40 senior prom The background music from the prom.
56 Technochocolate 0:18 monument The song Strong Bad sings in the Easter egg. Plays three times.
57 Buy All Our Playsets and Toys - Reprise 0:22 Let us give TANKS!
58 Always Be's Do'sing Seminar 0:41 The Next April Fools Thing
59 Save the Last Email for Strong Bad 0:56 alternate universe
60 Sbemail Songs, Pt. 3 4:03 Strong Bad Email Intros Includes the following intros, in order: what i want, looking old, strong badathlon, the movies, your funeral, from work, underlings, the paper, mini-golf, concert, hygiene, original, bike thief, pizza joint, slumber party, business trip, yes, wrestling, nightlife, environment (prefaced by an alternate version backed by rock instruments), winter pool, fan club, licensed, buried, shapeshifter, rated, specially marked, love poems, hiding, your edge, magic trick, being mean, "email music thing", independent, dictionary, videography, sbemail 206 (including the "no toast" song later in the toon), too cool, the next april fools thing, and parenting (unreleased at the time)

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