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Out of all the characters in the Homestar Runner universe, the main character Homestar Runner has gone through the most changes. His original name, The Homestar Runner, has been inherited by his 1930s Counterpart.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
This is the first "The" Homestar Runner design. June 1996 Original Book, Super NES, flashback, Main Page 20
This is the second Homestar Runner design. June 1997 Where My Hat Is At?, Second Flash His eyes are now ovals, his mouth is smaller, he has thicker outlines, his star is bigger, his shirt is darker and no longer shown open at the bottom and he has some shading on his head and legs. His feet are a different shape.
This is the third design. By this point he is no longer referred to as "The" Homestar Runner and is now just "Homestar Runner" November 1999 Old loading screen, Marshmallow's Last Stand, personal favorites, Old Characters Page, Old Intro, His shirt is a brighter color, his feet have changed shape again, his shading is in different places and his underbite doesn't jut out as much.
This is the fourth design. 2000 Old Intro 2, Character Cards, Dancin' Bubs, The Reddest Radish, Yearbook Character Page (in photo) His star is smaller, his outline is thinner, his design is more realistic, his eyes changed to the current shape. He's lost a bit of shading, his shirt is darker and his legs are longer, closer together and a different shape. His eyes now have a little glare in them and are more clearly defined
This is the fifth design 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest, Main Page 22, virus He's gained some more shading on his shirt (which also seems to be slightly darker), his star is bigger and more pointed, and he has a thinner outline. His hat and blue soles on his feet are darker.
This is the sixth design May 2000 Theme Song Video, The Luau, Homestarloween Party, A Holiday Greeting, Main Page 9, Main Page 12, In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD (Theatrical trailer), Yearbook Character Page His outlines are colored instead of just plain black. The back view of this design is sometimes used in toons that use the newest design, such as japanese cartoon and A Jorb Well Done.
This is an early version of the current design February 2001 Fluffy Puff Commercial, Sing Along, Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True, halloweener, Some Stupid Turkey, The House that Gave Sucky Treats, The Interview, Intro He's taller, his head and torso are less broad, his shirt is slightly brighter, his standing position has changed, he has much lighter outlines, his propeller is bigger, and his underbite is straight and not curved.
This is the current design November 2001 A Jorb Well Done to current His outline and shirt colours have darkened again and the star on his shirt has slightly changed shape. His shirt has more shading and his legs have less. His legs also seem shorter. Sometimes, this design is slightly different, e.g. in time capsule his eyes are closer together and in one scene of A Jorb Well Done his legs are an older design but the rest of his body is the current one.
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