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Homestar Runner Desktop Theme

The Homestar Runner Desktop Theme is a desktop theme for Windows 98. The original version is no longer linked from the site; however, an updated version is downloadable through April Fools' 2014 which adds an alternate version of the Windows Exit song, sung as a duet by Homestar and Strong Bad.



These are the sounds spoken by Homestar whenever a specific action happens.

  • Min — Awwww... {this is not in the updated version}
  • Max — Yay! {could also be Hey!; this is not in the updated version}
  • Error — Oops. You bwoke it.
  • Windows Start — Dooon, doodle-ing! Di-Ding ding ding ding!
  • Windows Exit — And now the looove that lasts forever has cooome tooo its end.

The following are recorded with Homestar's old voice and included in the updated version, but are not in the original version:

  • Min — You make it tiny!
  • Max — Sooo big!
  • Mail received — Awww, somebody loves you!


The desktop background has the H*R symbol on it which is repeated in a pattern. The updated desktop background is the picture of Homestar colored with crayons from the Downloads page. The icons are Homestar Runner's head (which represents My Computer), an early version of the H-Star-R logo (Network Neighborhood), Melonade, and the house from In Search of the Yello Dello and The Reddest Radish (Recycle Bin). The house's chimney has smoke coming out of it when the bin is empty. The waiting cursor is Homestar's hat, with an animated spinning propeller.

Fun Facts


  • The icons for the Recycle Bin are switched. The file for the empty bin is called "homestar bin full", while the file for the full bin is called "homestar bin empty". This becomes apparent when opening the desktop theme file as a text file.
  • The updated shutdown song from April Fools' 2014 is included as an mp3 file, but the desktop theme uses the older shutdown song instead, which is included in the Wave file format. Windows 98 did not have the capability to use mp3-format sounds in desktop themes.

Inside References

Real World References

  • The song Homestar sings for the start up sound is the famous Microsoft Sound by Brian Eno, used as the start up sound for Windows 95.

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