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Homestar Runner Desktop Theme

The Homestar Runner Desktop Theme is a desktop theme for Windows 98, now no longer linked from the site.



These are the sounds spoken by Homestar whenever a specific action happens.

  • Min- Awwww...
  • Max- Yay! (could also be Hey!)
  • Error- Oops. You bwoke it.
  • Windows Start- Doom Da Din da ding ding...
  • Windows Exit-And now the looove that lasts forever has cooome tooo its end.


The desktop background has the H*R symbol on it which is repeated in a pattern. The icons are Melonade, and Homestar Runner's head and hat.

Inside References

Real World References

  • The song Homestar sings for the start up sound is the famous Microsoft Sound by Brian Eno, used as the start up sound for Windows 95.

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