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It's not done

Homestar's Website is an easter egg in the e-mail 2 years. It is a poorly-designed website made for Nedscape 1.0, most likely explaining why there is an early version of HTML visible at the top of the page.

The background is most likely made in Photoshop using the Plastic Wrap and Lens Flare filters.

Fun Facts

  • Homestar's Website works best on "Nedscape 1.0" or lower. "Nedscape" is an obvious misspelling of Netscape, an AOL browser.
  • The code for the page is actually tentatively valid HTML 4.0 Transitional.
  • Ironically, this page will not load with Netscape 1.0
  • Wedsite may refer to Strong Bad's Website, because one of the .gif images says "World Wide Wed".
  • The background appears to be a heavily Photoshop-ed picture of Homestar. It looks like he used the "Plastic Wrap" filter, among others.

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