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its not done.

Homestar Runner's Website is an Easter egg in the email 2 years. It is a poorly-designed website made for Nedscape. 1.0 (or lower) It is referenced later in Flash is Dead!, where it is used as Homestar Runner's dating profile, which is made for Ned's Cape.



head> )title(Untitled)title( /head} ,body.

helscome my wedsite.

its not done.

this page is best viewed using Nedscape 1.0
or lower

Dating Profile

head> )title(Untitled)title( /head} ,body.

helscome my dating prolif.

its not done.

Name: Homestar Michael (stipe) Runner
Type: Single-ish no-armed whitey. Is vulnerable and
should be updated.
Status: Marzipan'd
Likes: beans b/w rice. thats all i can think umf tonight.
No likes: four door sedans. billfolds.
  • this page is best viewed using Ned's cape 1.0 or lower

Fun Facts


  • The background appears to be a heavily Photoshopped picture of Homestar. It appears that "Plastic Wrap" and "Lens Flare" filters were used, among others.
  • Despite the "broken code" appearing on the page, the HTML on the page is actually well-formed, and even includes some JavaScript code to include Google Analytics.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Homestar's Website works best on "Nedscape 1.0" or lower. "Nedscape" is an obvious misspelling of Netscape, an Internet browser.
    • Ironically, this page will not load with Netscape 1.0, and there is no publicly released lower version.

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