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Homestar Runner's house, in The Reddest Radish and In Search of the Yello Dello, is a cartoonish red hut with white spots; yet in The Best Decemberween Ever, Homestar Presents: Presents, and the email rampage, his house is a normal suburban house with yellow siding, bearing a striking resemblance to the Peanuts kids' houses. Unless he's moved (or has more than one house), what the outside of Homestar's house really looks like remains a mystery, but it seems that the more logical choice would be his normal house with siding, as his "In Search Of The Yello Dello" home and his "The Reddest Radish" home both were made a while back. It may be that he simply moved to the new house first seen in The Best Decemberween Ever. Regardless, it doesn't seem to matter to him where he lives, as he spends an astonishing amount of time in both Strong Bad's and Marzipan's houses. In flashback, he even comments that he thinks he might live in the Brothers Strong's house. It is possible that he doesn't like his house all that much; it's evidenced in several places. The most notable proof of his possible dislike of his house is in the email secret identity, where he checks in to Bubs' Motor Lodge, even though his house is probably only a mile away (at the most) from it. In Strong Badia the Free, Homestar refused to go to his own house because "there's a squirrel in the attic which [he] sometimes think[s] is a spooky ghost."

[edit] Interior

The inside of his house was first seen in the email caper, when Strong Bad and The Cheat broke into it. It has since been seen in radio, garage sale, Homestar Presents: Presents, slumber party, Halloween Potion-ma-jig, and The House That Gave Sucky Tricks. The interior of Homestar's house has green walls and pictures of himself through the years. Homestar's white table with the sliding doors is similar to one sold by IKEA. It also has a cow lamp which The Cheat broke in caper. It was repaired and seen again in radio, but Homestar broke it again after The Cheat tried to steal it in garage sale.

Homestar's bedroom, first seen in Homestar Presents: Presents, has maroon walls, blue carpet, a window, Homestar's bed (bare box spring only), and an alarm clock/radio labeled "Homestar's Clock" on a dresser. Homestar's room is on the second floor.

Homestar watches television in his TV room, where the TV Time Toons Menu is located. He also keeps his TV stand (where his tapes are kept) and sofa here. He sometimes invites Strong Bad over to watch TV with him, an invitation that Strong Bad usually accepts (probably because Homestar has the better TV). Homestar seemed to relocate his television to the shelf in his living room in environment.

Homestar also has a bathroom which has a shower in it (seen on Main Page 14). The walls are tiled with a stripe of a green and white checker pattern about halfway up the wall, exactly like Strong Bad's bathroom walls. In fact, it's very possible that it's not Homestar's, but Strong Bad's bathroom he's taking a shower in during Main Page 14, seeing the only difference between the two is the shower curtains switching from the yellow with corncobs to yellow with white spots (as seen in SBCG4AP), and the shower head is on the other side. It would be believable to say so because Homestar spends almost all of his time in other people's houses.

Homestar may have his own computer room, but since it's shown to have the same green walls and wooden floor as his living room, it's possible that it's located in a different part of the living room (seen in email thunder).

Homestar's kitchen is rarely seen, but it was in the toon remake of "Where My Hat Is At?".

[edit] Shed

Homestar Runner's shed is a small white building with a brown roof and a dilapidated basketball hoop. It is located in The Field near Homestar's house, and is known to contain a green barrel of unknown contents, an exercise bike, a tennis racket, a box of "old H*R crap" (which contains a rubber burger and an old storybook, among other things), and a crate labelled "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" that holds Dijjery Doo.

[edit] Appearances

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