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In The Reddest Radish, and In Search of the Yello Dello, Homestar's House is cartoonish red hut with white spots. But in The Best Decemberween Ever, his house is a normal suburban house with yellow siding. So, what the outside of Homestar's house looks like remains a mystery.

We first saw the inside of his house in the email caper, when Strong Bad and The Cheat break into it. It has since been seen in the email radio. It has green walls and pictures of himself through the years. It also has a cow lamp which The Cheat broke in caper, but it was repaired and seen again in radio.


A house with siding
Inside Homestar's house
File:house in radio.jpg
Shut it up, squawk box!
Homestar's House in "In Search of the Yello-Dello" appears to be cubed! And has an electronic door!

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