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Sid Hoffman, or Sid Frenchman?

Homestar's 'Sid' Game is a game from the Strong Bad Email "date". It was demonstrated by Homestar to Marzipan. Homestar asks you what he's going to say next—either "Sid Hoffman" or "Sid Frenchman". If you guess right, you get a point. You can access it by clicking the words 'that game' in the email.

It used to be that if you get 20 points from the game, it shows you a prize. The "prize" was an image of Strong Bad on his computer with an "M" on it. It was obviously a glitch, and it has since been fixed, where you just keep playing the game, with no prize or anything.

The game came from when The Brothers Chaps were kids, and they were doing a play/game with their friend. The friend kept changing his character's name from Sid Hoffman to Sid Frenchman.

Fun Facts


  • To cheat, click both buttons in either order after the question. You will earn a point regardless of which answer Homestar gives.

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