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Strong Body and Head Bad
Nub Head and Head Nub

Head Bad and Strong Body were the nicknames given to Strong Bad's bodiless head and headless body, respectively. They first appeared in late 2000 on Main Page 7, and more than five years later made a reprise in the Strong Bad Email disconnected. That was also the email in which the nicknames were first used; "Head Bad" was coined by Coach Z, and "Strong Body" by Bubs.

Strong Bad figured that having his body separated would double his productivity, allowing him to be in two places at once. Head Bad can give people career advice while Strong Body riots against the local municipality. Head Bad can also take a vacation on a deserted island while Strong Body shows off his new moves at Club Technochocolate. Bubs even claims that "without all that extra head ballast, [Strong Body's] moves are twicely fresh, twicely fresh".

When Head Bad got tired of rolling around all over the place, he considered getting some "repulsorlifts" added for anti-gravity action, but decided that exhaust pipes have more muscle. He then used these exhaust pipes to compete in the Million Yard Dash. Strong Body and Head Bad also attained the power to regenerate, creating two "perfectly formed" Strong Bad specimens, deemed Head-Nub and Nub-Head, that look and sound nothing like Strong Bad.

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