Haunted Photo Booth Costumes

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Costumes that the characters wore in Haunted Photo Booth, Halloween 2017.

Image Character Costume Explanation External Links
Bubs As Grunkle Stan]] Bubs Grunkle Stan Stanley Pines (known as Grunkle Stan by his great nephew and niece Dipper and Mabel Pines) is one of the main characters of Disney XD's Gravity Falls. Like Bubs, Stan is a con artist and schemer. Matt Chapmann worked in the show during Homestar's hiatus during the early 2010's. Wikipedia article
Coach Z as Parappa the Rapper]] Coach Z Parappa the Rapper Parappa Rappa (who goes under the alias "Parappa the Rapper") is the protagonist of the Parappa the Rapper video game series. Parappa is a rapping dog who has the catchphrase "I gotta believe!" Wikipedia article
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