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Retro Game Page-y goodness.

The Handheld Games Menu was the main menu for selecting Games from July 14, 2002 through July 29, 2004. It is modeled after simple handheld LCD games, such as the Nintendo Game & Watch or games created by Tiger Electronics.

Games are selected with left and right arrows, moving an image of a prancing Homestar Runner across the screen while playing a simple tone. At each stop, an icon representing the game appears above Homestar while its title appears below him. By default, the background is The Field; a "bkgrd" button cycles the background image through Strong Badia (featuring the tire), or The King of Town's yard (featuring his grill).

Page Title: Exciting Handheld Action!


Modern Handheld Games Menu

The Handheld Games Menu is currently available by choosing "Old Games" on the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu. In this iteration, the handheld game is called "Super Old Games-n-Such".

Date: Thursday, July 29, 2004

Available Games

So old they are new! Maybe you forgot!

Each game is accompanied by a monochromatic icon, highlighted when Homestar is positioned underneath it.

Additionally, a small button labeled "new games" links to the Videlectrix itch.io page.

Original Handheld Games Menu

The original version

Previously, the Handheld Games Menu served as the main Games Menu.

Date: Sunday, July 14, 2002

  • Dancin' Bubs
  • Homestar Talker
  • Audition with Marzipan
  • Bronco Trolleys
  • Strong Libs
  • Homestar Quiz
  • Hairstyle Runner
  • Who Said What?
  • Population: Tire — The tire
  • TROGDOR!Trogdor

Most of it was the same as the current Handheld Games Menu, but there were a few differences.

  • The handheld game is labeled "Super Fun Games-n-Such" rather than "Super Old"; the outline of the text was also thicker.
  • The selection of games differs across the two versions —
  • The "bkgrd" button was positioned where the "new games" button game is now. There was no equivalent to the small red "new games" button.
  • The mouth of the Strong Bad face ("Strong Libs'" icon), the "Homestar Quiz" question mark icon, and the Trogdor icon were filled in with full black rather than semitransparent gray.
  • There is a gray "back" button in the bottom-left corner of the screen, which the new version lacks.

Fun Facts

Coming up next...


  • Pressing the "right" button while Astro-Lite 2600 is selected scrolls the selection back to the first spot, but pressing "left" when the first spot is selected does not move the selection at all.


  • There are actually two select buttons, one is the yellow one and there is one behind it which is black that can be selected by clicking below and to the right of the yellow button or by pressing tab a few times which scrolls through the buttons.

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