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watch April Fool 2014 Homestarloween Party
"Whew! It's hard sittin' there with your mouth open like that, holdin' it just so."

A teaser for the 2014 Halloween cartoon.

Cast (in order of appearance): The Brothers Chaps (vocal only), Homestar Runner, Sticklyman, Coach Z (silhouette), Bubs (silhouette), Strong Mad (silhouette), The Cheat (silhouette) Marzipan (silhouette), Pom Pom (silhouette), Strong Sad (silhouette), The Poopsmith (silhouette), The King of Town (silhouette), Homsar (silhouette), Tiny-Handed Strong Bad (Easter egg), Strong Bad (Easter egg, vocal only), The Homestar Runner (storybook) (Easter egg), Tucker Donaldson (Easter egg, vocal only)

Places: Spooky Woods, The Field, Marzipan's House

Date: Monday, October 20, 2014

Running Time: 0:76 official, 1:40 actual

Page Title: Official Partner of HalloweenSafety.gov!



{A sign appears beneath a starry night sky, featuring a suspicious silhouette with a red circle and slash over it and the words "WARNING! Neighbors are a-watchin'!".}

THE BROTHERS CHAPS: Hi; we're the Brothers Chaps from HomestarRunner.com!

MIKE: Normally we let our dumb animal characters do the talking.

MATT: But this year we're partnering with "halloweensafety.gov" {The web address "halloweensafety.gov" appears at the bottom of the screen before disappearing} to bring awareness to "halloweensafety.gov". {The web address appears and disappears again.}

SILHOUETTE:{gradually tilting} Ugh....

MATT: So please, find it in your heart to donate to—

HOMESTAR: {Disguised as the silhouette on the sign, he interrupts} Peh! I say, peh! Whew! It's hard sittin' there with your mouth open like that, holdin' it just so. {Homestar demonstrates his previous position} Buhhhhhhh.

{Zoom out to a full-body shot of Homestar in the Spooky Woods. He removes the sign portion of his costume and his eyes become normal.}

HOMESTAR: Check out my roadside silhouette costume! I tried dressin' up in some other ones, but, uhh...they didn't work out so great.

{Swipe cut to a "Slippery When Wet" road sign that sprouts two sets of Homestar's eyes. The two tire tracks become mouths as they speak.

HOMESTARS: This one makes my voice hurt!

{Homestar's propeller sticks out of the upper left side of the sign and spins, with the left Homestar face making a noise as it does so. The right Homestar face turns the opposite direction and gives an angry glare.}

RIGHT HOMESTAR: Oh, just stop it!

{Cut to a "Construction Zone" sign featuring Stickly Man digging with a shovel. Homestar's eyes and hat appear in the pile he is shoveling.}

HOMESTAR: This one was asking for a challeeeeenge! {The pile rises to resemble a bulked-up version of Homestar's body, and his feet ooze out of the bottom}

STICKLYMAN: {screaming, while running away} Ai-yagh!

HOMESTAR: {Homestar's feet begin dripping black sludge.} I got that sludge foot! I got that sludge foot! {Prancing}

{Cut to a "School Crossing" sign featuring a girl in a dress led across a street by a boy, both carrying books. Homestar's eyes appear sideways next to the girl's legs, and when he speaks they move back and forth like a mouth.}

HOMESTAR: This one just seemed ina-pro-pro! {The word "INA-PRO-PRO!" is stamped onto the screen in red.} Quack quack. Lady's Legs Duck.

{Cut to a Route 66 sign which, when zoomed out, only cover's Homestar's eyes.}

HOMESTAR: And this one was waaaaay too small! {Blinks twice, the 6s in the sign looking like closed eyes.} Blink. Blonk.

{Cut back to the Spooky Woods, with Homestar in his Neighborhood Watch costume again.}

HOMESTAR: I think I picked the best one. Anyways, here are some other silhouettes. I'mah get back to creepin' and peepin' around y'alls neighborhood! {squints his eyes into the suspicious eyes of the original sign and slowly slides off-screen.} Uhhhhhhhh...

{Cut to the Field, where the cast is gathered in costume in silhouette. The words "Halloween Cartoon Sometime Before Halloween" are beneath them. After a few seconds of waiting, Homestar speaks.}

HOMESTAR: Hey, Homestar, I really like your "that one guy from Mad Mazagine" costume. You know the one I'm talkin' about. Always blowin' up that pointy white man. {During this, Homestar's Neighborhood Watch costume pops up over the word "Halloween", looks around, then hands a lit bomb to a white version of the same costume, blowing it up and chuckling to himself before disappearing.}

Easter Eggs

"Nice Try, Literal Message"
  • Like the other teasers, when the Flash file is decompiled, there is a hidden shape that reads "hidden words".
  • Click on the moon at the end:
{A sign reading "NEIGHBRAHOOD WATCH" fills the screen, with a logo resembling a giant eye. The eye's pupil looks around before donning Crack Stuntman's glasses. When he speaks, an angular mouth appears on the dot.}
CRACK STUNTMAN: Blah'm Crack Stuntman, the new spokesperson for HalloweenSafety.gov, since Pistols for Pandas found out about my line of frozen panda-burger patties! I swear they're high in Omega-3s!
{The glasses disappear with a pop.}
  • Click on Homestar's silhouette at the end:
{Tiny-Handed Strong Bad and storybook Homestar are standing in a field, with Homestar wearing a yellow shirt that features the girl from the school crossing sign and his own eyes and Strong Bad holding a scroll; their speech appears beneath them and is narrated by Strong Bad like the other children's books.}
TINY-HANDED STRONG BAD: "Get your entire face out of here, Lady's Legs Duck Shirt,"
STRONG BAD: -proclamated DeVry graduate Strong Bad. {Emphasis lines appear next to the scroll in Tiny-Handed Strong Bad's hand}
STRONG BAD: -barfed the Queen of England.
  • Click on the second "Halloween" at the end:
{Marzipan's Answering Machine appears, with the title changed to "Mikezipan's Answering Machine" and the version number listed as "version 1.00001".}
MIKE: Hi, this is Mikezipan. I'm out looking at the fall colors. Please leave me a message and I'll call you right back.
{The machine beeps.}
TUCKER DONALDSON: Look here. This message is for the Brothers Chap Chapman Brothers. Chapman Brothers? This is Tucker Donaldson with HalloweenSafety.gov. Your little "joke", if that's what you wanna call it? It wasn't funny, and, uh- and it's not appreciated. I don't know who you think you are, or- or who you think I am, or if you even think at all, frankly. It is not cool and it is not funny, and that's real talk, gentlemen. Gentlemen? That is real talk.
{The machine beeps again.}

Fun Facts


  • Route 66 is an old highway in the United States, which ran from Chicago to Santa Monica.


Hey, Sticklyman! WHAAAT are you doing wearing those pants?
  • This is the first time Sticklyman has said anything.
  • This is the first time Sticklyman has been seen wearing a visible article of clothing (in this case, pants)
  • The SWF file is called "ween12_teaser.swf" rather then "weensaftey".
  • This is the first time most of the main characters made an appearance since Which Ween Costumes? or A Decemberween Mackerel.


  • halloweensafety.gov is not an actual website.
  • This toon is the second toon in a row (following Fish Eye Lens) to contain no back button.


  • On the loading screen, the ground is technically a round box, and can potentially fill the whole ground, but part of the rounded area is still visible, and even the edge can be seen.
  • At the end of the toon, both Strong Sad and The Poopsmith lack arms, despite having visible arms.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The opening of the cartoon is a parody of cartoons that make Public Safety Awareness announcements in tandem with governmental entities, most commonly Wikipedia:UNICEF.
  • Homestar (the silhouetted criminal) and Crack Stuntman (the eye against the blue background) are dressed as symbols of the neighborhood watch campaign, a civilian effort to monitor their own neighborhoods for suspicious or criminal activity.
  • "That one guy from Mad Mazagine" Homestar is referring to is the Black Spy from Spy vs. Spy.
    • The misspelling "mazagine" is derived from competitor Cracked magazine, which always used the same misspelling on its front cover.
  • In an Easter egg, Crack Stuntman's appearance looks like that of the original design for Pac-Man from the original Arcade Games.

YouTube Version

"Don't look for these so much."
  • Similar to the YouTube version of Fish Eye Lens, after the end of the toon, a group of nine thumbnails appears, parodying YouTube's related video thumbnails. Some of the thumbnails are similar to the ones seen in Fish Eye Lens, while others are new.
  • After the thumbnails, the Crack Stuntman Easter egg is shown, followed by Mikezipan's Answering Machine, and finally, the Easter Egg with Tiny-Handed Strong Bad and Homestar.

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