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[[Category:Holiday Toons]]
[[Category:Holiday Toons]]

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Toon Category: Holiday Toon
watch April Fool 2014 Homestarloween Party
"Whew! It's hard sittin' there with your mouth open like that, holdin' it just so."

A teaser for the 2014 Halloween cartoon.

Date: Monday, October 20, 2014

Running Time: 1:40

Page Title: Official Partner of HalloweenSafety.gov!


Easter Eggs

"Nice Try, Literal Message"
  • Like the other teasers, when the Flash file is decompiled, there is a hidden shape that reads "hidden words".
  • Click on the moon at the end to see a sequence with Crack Stuntman.
  • Click on Homestar's silhouette at the end for a sequence with Tiny-Handed Strong Bad and The Homestar Runner.
  • Click on the word "Halloween" at the end to see Mikezipan's Answering Machine.

Fun Facts


  • Route 66 is an old highway in the United States, which ran from Chicago to Santa Monica.


  • This is the first time Sticklyman has said anything.
  • The .swf file is called "ween12_teaser.swf" rather then "weensaftey".
  • This is the first time most of the main characters made an appearance since Which Ween Costumes? or A Decemberween Mackarel
  • This teaser continues several gags from the previous three teasers: Jibblies 2 Teaser (2007), Most in the Graveyard Teaser (2008), and Doomy Tales of the Macabre Teaser (2009):
    • Silhouetted characters (in the same order as the previous teasers)
    • Action that occurs after waiting
    • Hidden text behind the characters
    • Strong Bad depicted in an outrageous costume.
  • This is the first teaser to not immediately start with the silhouetted characters scene, as well as the first one to be listed in a category other than the New Stuff category on the TV Time Toons Menu.


  • halloweensafety.gov is not an actual website.
  • This toon is the second toon in a row (following Fish Eye Lens) to contain no back button.


  • On the loading screen, the ground is technically a round box, and can potentially fill the whole ground, but part of the rounded area is still visible, and even the edge can be seen.
  • At the end of the toon, both Strong Sad and The Poopsmith lack arms, despite having visible arms.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • "That one guy from Mad Mazagine" Homestar is referring to is the Black Spy from Spy vs. Spy.
  • In an Easter Egg, Crack Stuntman's appearance looks like that of the original design for Pac-Man from the original Arcade Games.

YouTube Version

"Don't look for these so much."
  • Similar to the YouTube version of Fish Eye Lens, after the end of the toon, a group of nine thumbnails appears, parodying YouTube's related video thumbnails. Some of the thumbnails are similar to the ones seen in Fish Eye Lens, while others are new.
  • After the thumbnails, the Crack Stuntman Easter egg is shown, followed by Mikezipan's Answering Machine, and finally, the Easter Egg with Tiny-Handed Strong Bad and Homestar.

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