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Hairstyle Dude

Hairstyle Runner is a simple game where players can make a custom hairstyle on Homestar Runner's picture by dragging pieces of "iron filings", with the cursor acting as a magnet. The game is made in Prance.

Date: October 29, 2000, or earlier

Page Title: Hairstyle Runner!


Easter Eggs

The alternate text details are found the HTML code. They specify what text to show if the image cannot load. This is required for images by the W3C. The Brothers Chaps give both humorous and relevant alternate texts to this entire gallery.

List of Gallery Names

professional wrestler evil dungeon master guy from prodigy marcy from peanuts w/soul patch dogstar runner big bolts in my head our dad is weird lowenbrau
flash gordon badguy w/cornrows blair witch head jada pinkett smith (unshaven) oh, hello pistachio hands in mittens homestar klesko the guy in the crocodile dundee ceiling friar tuck
shogun for the PC jr. CGA color donna's dad from that 70's show genghis kahn or torture guy from lethal weapon 2 shoney's big boy gone all wrong vacuum hose beard homestar the terrible i am cool, hope you're awesome your uncle
the culligan man daniel boone come on and come on li mu bai bi mu lai ching chong pong litigation jackson homestar vailant doing SPROING!
L5P i'm terribly vexed police chief ordonez leftover poop the summer solstice? smartass a bozo no-no what disease?
trust the gorton's fisherman candy raver rollins band's 2nd to last album father dowling is scowling homestar kotter for real david putty is the tick punk rock changed our lives flavor box
international space station head 1-800-call-kobak 2 bows! and faucet handle face! spock can talk to whales that part in gladiator professor dardarium eyeball sandwich donna's mom from that 70's show
donna's goldfish from that 70's show the stihl lumberjack games FUJIYAMA!! pull cord, close face sterray number 1 in town for oasis dinsey wad pestilence gribby's big score
old timey bicycle oh, halo your P.E. teacher hmm, yes, I say...quite. I listened to L7, then I stopped mom's choose GIF THE CRISPO!!! rennur ratsemoh
mother frig rough n' stuff that guy from office space ladies and gentlemen, cactus cheek I admit it! I've made mistake?! this is logot! this is always great! combover city i dangled, he jangled
myah, myah see? roswell new mexico head cinnabon imperial i'm going door to door to make you this incredible offer! feelin fuzzy Ford F150 padawan dork (mohawk that spans two rows) blank
seriously... mortimer blank blank blank blank bad motivator finger

Fun Facts


  • A candy raver is a subculture known for attending raves while wearing bright clothing with many trinkets and glowsticks.


  • Homestar has the Marshmallow's Last Stand design, but his eyes have the current design.
  • Some of the gallery examples can not actually be made, due to the dimensions of the space in which the iron fillings can be moved and the number of iron fillings (45).
  • Though the gallery's filename is gallery3.html, there is no gallery1.html or gallery2.html.
    • However, it appears that the gallery was once under the URL gallery2.html, according to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine here. Also, the URLs for each of the individual gallery pictures currently on the site are in the directory "gallery2", such as

Inside References

Real-World References

  • This game is based on the classic game Wooly Willy.
  • "L5P" refers to Little Five Points, a neighborhood in Atlanta known for the tattoo-and-piercing crowd.
  • "Mortimer" was the original name for Mickey Mouse, as well as another character of the Mickey Mouse universe.
  • "Spock can talk to whales" refers to the movie Star Trek IV, where the character Spock does indeed talk to humpback whales.
  • "That part in Gladiator" refers to the 2000 drama Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe.
  • "Stihl lumberjack games" refers to the company Stihl, which sponsors a lumberjack competition. It is best-known for manufacturing chainsaws.
  • "Fujiyama" is a common mistranslation of the Japanese name for Mount Fuji, properly "Fujisan".
  • L7 is a punk rock band.
  • "That guy from Office Space" refers to Lawrence, the laid-back neighbor of Peter, the main character of the movie.
  • "Roswell New Mexico head" refers to the fact that Roswell, New Mexico is famous for alleged UFO and alien sightings.
  • "Cinnabon imperial" refers to Cinnabon, a chain of stores that sell cinnamon rolls, and likely Princess Leia, a Star Wars character whose hairstyle resembles two cinnamon rolls. Imperial could reference the Empire, also from Star Wars.
  • "Padawan dork" refers to the fact that padawans, Jedi apprentices in Star Wars, must wear their hair short with a long, thin ponytail.
  • "Guy from Prodigy" refers to Keith Flint, a dancer and vocalist for the UK dance act The Prodigy, who in a number of their videos sports a hairstyle similar to the one shown.
  • "Bad motivator finger" is a reference to the album Badmotorfinger by the band Soundgarden.
    • The bad motivator finger is remarkably like an R2 unit from the Star Wars universe. The only problem mentioned of an R2 unit to have is a bad motivator.
  • "Rollins Band second-to-last album" refers to a rock band fronted by Henry Rollins.
  • "Father Dowling is scowling" refers to the main character of Father Dowling Mysteries.
  • "Homestar Kotter for real" refers to Gabe Kotter, the main character of Welcome Back, Kotter.
  • "Homestar the Terrible" is a reference to Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible.
  • "The Culligan man" is a reference to the water company Culligan's famous advertising slogan, "Hey, Culligan man!"
  • Daniel Boone was an American pioneer featured in many folklore stories. In folklore, he is depicted as wearing a raccoon-fur hat with the raccoon's tail hanging from the back.
  • "Homestar Valiant" is a reference to the narrative comic strip Prince Valiant.
  • "A bozo no-no" is a reference to children's television show character Bozo the Clown.
  • "Trust the Gorton's fisherman" is the slogan of frozen seafood company Gorton's.
  • "Blair witch head" is a reference to a well-known image of a girl featured on advertising for the movie The Blair Witch Project.
  • Jada Pinkett-Smith is an actress.
  • Crocodile Dundee is a 1986 comedy film about a man from the Australian outback trying to adjust to life in New York City.
  • Friar Tuck is one of Robin Hood's "Merry Men".
  • "Shogun for the PC Jr. CGA Color" probably refers to the Infocom interactive fiction game Shogun. The PC Jr. was IBM's first attempt at an inexpensive home computer.
  • "Donna's dad from That 70's Show" refers to the character Bob Pinciotti, the father of Donna Pinciotti on nostalgic sitcom That '70s Show. Likewise, "Donna's mom from That 70's Show" and "Donna's goldfish from That 70's Show" are similar references.
  • Lethal Weapon 2 was a popular 1989 action movie starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.
  • "Shoney's Big Boy gone all wrong" refers to the mascot of the Big Boy chain of family restaurants. Shoney's was once a regional franchise of these restaurants.
  • "David putty is the tick" refers to Patrick Warburton's roles as David Puddy in Seinfeld and the title character in The Tick.
  • "Marcy from Peanuts with soul patch" refers to the character Marcie from the comic strip Peanuts.
  • "Rough n' stuff" and the hairstyle itself is a reference to the song Afro Puffs by The Lady of Rage, which contains the lyric "I rock rough and stuff with my afro puffs."
  • "Flash Gordon badguy w/ cornrows" is a reference to Ming the Merciless from the Flash Gordon comic strip.
  • "Punk rock changed our lives" in a famous line from the band Minutemen's "History Lesson - Part II". The Brothers Chaps have several other SST Records references on the site, including Strong Mad's Black Flag tattoo in an In Search of the Yello Dello outtake, and Homestar's "Corporate Rock Still Sucks" shirt while as dressed as Kurt Cobain in Homestarloween Party.
  • "Lowenbrau" refers to the Lowenbrau brewery in Munich, Germany.
  • "I'm going door to door to make you this incredible offer!" refers to a running gag on Pee Wee's Playhouse in which Pee Wee would answer the door only to find a gigantic salesman puppet.
  • "Homestar Klesko" refers to the professional baseball player Ryan Klesko, who formerly played for the Atlanta Braves.
  • It appears that the design after the "Mortimer" face is based on Bomberman.
  • "mom's choose GIF" is a reference to Jif peanut butter, and more specifically their tagline, "Choosy moms choose Jif."

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