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*Email [[japanese cartoon]]
<blockquote>So cool an Email.<br>
I thought you would enjoy it.<br>
Ding dong Dear Strong Bad.</blockquote>
*[[Strong Sad's Lament]]
*[[Strong Sad's Lament]]

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Pray he doesn't get egged.

A haiku is a popular form of poetry that consists of three lines: The first being five syllables long, the second being seven syllables long, and the third being five again.
Haiku have made a few appearances on Homestarrunner.com.


The August 5, 2004 post has the following Haiku:
Broken slouchiness,
Smiling from outside the spine,
Sit up straight for once.
This night, black as pitch.
Doom from inside me wells up.
Pray I don't get egged.
Rapping at the door.
Fills up agèd pillow case.
So sick of Smarties.
A butt for a face.
Little brother: dork, dork, dork.
Stay out of my room.
It was also mispronounced by Strong Bad.
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