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A WikiTroll is a person who purposefully defaces a document on a wiki. There are a few methods in place for dealing with WikiTrolls.


How to revert a page

Any page can be reverted back to a previous version. Here's how:

  • sysop: Simply click "history" at the top of the page you wish to roll back. Position the radio buttons at the current version and the version you want to roll back to, then click "Compare selected versions". Next, click the "rollback" link near the upper right side of the page (directly to the right of the most recent author's name).
  • non-sysop: Simply click "history" at the top of the page you wish to roll back. Then click on the time and date of the archived version you want to revert back to. The page will appear with the version indicated at the top of the page, just underneath the page title. Next, click "edit" at the top of the page. Add a note in the Summary box that you are reverting the page because of a troll, and then click "Save page".

After repeated defacings, an offender's IP address can be blocked by several users who have admin rights. These admins pay careful attention to this page, and will block IP addresses where/when appropriate.

Known Offenders

If you see any suspicious, defamatory, or objectionable behavior by any individuals on our wiki, please add their IP address to the list following the same format as the example shown below. For our purposes, an "offense" is defined as the defacement of a single document of our wiki.

Now, this table format might be a bit confusing, so if you can't figure it out, just toss the date, IP address, and pages defaced down at the bottom of the page and someone will fix it for you. We're flexible like that.


Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
12/13/2004 (all edits) Page Defaced actual edit Description of dastardly deed.


Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
December 16, 2004 Defaced Main Page and this one.
December 16, 2004 SEVERELY defaced Main Page, Strong Bad Email and this page.
Sept 26, 2004 defaced Main Page, Homsar Main Page, comic, pom pom, and M.J. Blocked.
Sept 26, 2004 defaced Bubs' Concession Stand, Strongbadia, Strong Bad's Basement, Computer Room, The Stick, Free Country, USA and Crazy Go Nuts University.
Sept 27, 2004 User gokugod defaced Main Page.
Sept 29, 2004 defaced Talk:Main Page
Oct 2, 2004 defaced Dangeresque
Oct 4, 2004 added profanity to HRWiki:Sandbox
Oct 4, 2004 added profanity to the Main Page.
Oct 5, 2004 deleted Fun Facts from other days and time capsule, defaced time capsule
Oct 8, 2004 trolled Quotes
Oct 9, 2004 added pointless comment to Main Page
Oct 10, 2004 added pointless Fun Fact to time_capsule
Oct 12, 2004 - Replaced all text in the HRWiki:Sandbox with a link to the "page" ALL IS ON! FEEL IT FEEL IT FEEL IT FEEL IT!
Oct 13, 2004 Removed much of the material from Quotes that he apparently didn't like.
Oct 13, 2004 Removed the Main Page, and trolled... the WikiTroll section
Oct. 14, 2004 Added mature content to Senor Mortgage, Main Page and Marshmallow's Last Stand (toon)
Oct. 16, 2004 Created fake "Television Show" page
Oct. 16, 2004 Trolled Glossary
Oct 16, 2004 Vandalized HRWiki:About
Oct 17, 2004 Added profanity to Characters
Oct 19, 2004 Immature addition in Fun Facts on sibbie.
Oct 19, 2004 Trolled woddfellow2
Oct 20, 2004 Added rude comment to Legal
Oct 22, 2004 Trolled Main Page
Oct 22, 2004 Blanked and trolled Dangeresque
Oct 22, 2004 Defaced Teen Girl Squad Issue 1
Oct 22, 2004 Trolled halloweener and HRWiki:Sandbox
Oct 22, 2004 Immature addition to Talk:Senor Mortgage
Oct 22, 2004 Trolled Cheap as Free, Peasant's Quest, and the Main Page
Oct 24, 2004 Trolled TROGDOR!
Oct 24, 2004 Defaced duck pond
Oct 25, 2004 Created Talk:Teen Girl Squad Issue 5 and made profane comments.
Oct 25, 2004 Trolled Super Kingio Brothers, Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 10.2, and Isle of Pom
Oct 25, 2004 Trolled Under Construction
Oct 26, 2004 Added pointless links to Main Page
Oct 27, 2004 Added unecessary punctuation and pointless comment to Strong Bad Email
Oct 29, 2004 Created "The Simpsons" page
Oct 31, 2004 Defaced Main Page, Toons and Halloween Fairstival.
Oct 31, 2004 Defaced ghosts
Oct 31, 2004 Trolled labor day
Nov 1, 2004 Defaced Nighttime Driving Type Game by adding profanity to the Easter Egg transcript.
Nov 1, 2004 Defaced Dangeresque
Nov 3, 2004 Trolled HRWiki:Sandbox
Nov 3, 2004 Trolled User:spellchecka
Nov 4, 2004 defaced labor day
Dec 5, 2004 defaced Fortune Cookies
Nov 4, 2004 Trolled Legal and made several nonsense pages
Nov 4, 2004 Deleted portions of the Main Page and Strong Bad Email
Nov 5, 2004 Trolled Main Page and Everybody Knows It
Nov 8, 2004 Deleted everything in Help:Contents and Powered by the Cheat, deleted portions of Peasant's Quest Walkthrough
Nov 8, 2004 Trolled Pom Pom's girls
Nov 9, 2004 Trolled Stickly Man, Category:Main Characters, and Experimental Film
Nov 10, 2004 Defaced Main Page
Nov 10, 2004 Added spam to Kobe #1
Nov 12, 2004 Trolled japanese cartoon
Nov 13, 2004 Added spam to strongbad_email.exe and cheat talk, and tons of other stuff, including this very page!
Nov 13, 2004 deleted large portions of Rejects.
Nov 16, 2004 Trolled Main Page by adding "homsar woot woot" and a broken image link.
Nov 16, 2004 Trolled Main Page multiple times.
Nov 18, 2004 Created Fhqwhgads (karaoke), Dangeresque (karaoke), Nite Mamas (karaoke), and Trogdor! (karaoke) and placed profanity and offensive statements on the pages.
Nov 18, 2004 Replaced Main Page, Talk:Main Page with one word, and Strong Bad Email, and Talk:Strong Bad Email with no words.
Nov 18, 2004 Added rude comment to Day at the Park
Nov. 14, 2004 Defaced "Cheat" in Sightings by adding a fictional statement
Nov 19, 2004 Defaced Main Page
Oct 13, 2004 Added a talk page to gimmicks consisting of little but rather explicit descriptions of mature content.
Nov 19, 2004 Deleted content on the Main Page, replacing it with a very rude comment.
Nov 20, 2004 Added a terrible comment to Craig Zobel.
Nov 20, 2004 User SonicTailsKnuckles Defaced's talk page with personal insults, added spam to Main Page then deleted it
Nov 20, 2004 Created Ryan Sterritt page and added rude comment
Nov 21, 2004 Added unneccesary external links to Rejects
Oct 16, 2004 Added fake dialogue to the Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 11.2 transcript
Nov 21, 2004 Created "Puppet Homestar Runner" page, added characters to Puppet Time and Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams that don't appear in them, added fake dialogue to the virus transcript
Nov 21, 2004 Created page "The weather in London" (that isn't supposed to be created)
Nov 21, 2004 Trolled FireBird's userspace
Nov 22, 2004 Added "Matt is so cool" to Fluffy Puff Malloweens
Nov 22, 2004 Defaced virus and severely defaced pom pom
Nov 22, 2004 Defaced Sandbox
Nov 22, 2004 Trolled the Main Page twice
Nov 22, 2004 Created page "The weather in London" (that isn't supposed to be created)
Nov 22, 2004 Deleted most of Quote of the Week, trolled Senor Cardgage
Nov 22, 2004 Trolled The Brothers Chaps many times.
Nov 23, 2004 Created "No Loafing" and "Scroll Button Songs" pages with junk in them, defaced Strong Badman, trolled User Talk:Stu, and defaced Strong Bad Email.
Nov 24, 2004 User ryanasaurus007 Put unneeded comment on Main Page
Nov 24, 2004 Put a bad external link and ad on top of Main Page.
Nov 24, 2004 'Dillon' Trolled Strong Bad Email and Main Page.
Nov 24, 2004 Trolled Pom Pom
Nov 24, 2004 Trolled Image:the cheat.PNG
Nov 24, 2004 Changed "Decemberween" to "Novemberween" on Litigation Jackson.
Nov 26, 2004 Added very profane comment to the Peasant's Quest Walkthrough.
Nov 26, 2004 Defaced Main Page.
Nov 27, 2004 Replaced most of Holiday Toons with "YOUR SITE IS BROKEN"
Nov 28, 2004 Defaced a section on Thy Dungeonman.
Nov 28, 2004 Trolled Main Page
Nov 28, 2004 Trolled making out
Nov 29, 2004 Severely defaced Main Page
Nov 29, 2004 Trolled the Main Page
Nov 29, 2004 Blanked Peasant's Quest Walkthrough
Nov. 30, 2004 Added random and useless links to Main Page.
Dec 1, 2004 Trolled stunt double, created "blank page", "blargidy borfs", and "sjkergshkergh" pages. Also trolled the Main Page, but reverted his trolling.
Dec 1, 2004 Added rude comment to Naked Ned
Dec 1, 2004 Created "tgies" page
Dec 2, 2004 Defaced Strong Bad Email
Dec 2, 2004 Blanked image and large section of Cold One
Dec 3, 2004 Deleted paragraph of Cold One, again
Dec 3, 2004 Personally attacked User:Cheatasaurusrex by putting "I am a stupid guy" in the black space.
Dec 3, 2004 Placing derogatory marks on Talk:Main Page
Dec 3, 2004 Removed a section on HRWiki:About
Nov 7, 2004 Defaced Main Page and added horrible comment to Toons, but removed his/her comment in Toons.
Dec 4, 2004 Trolled Happy's userspace four times (left horrible comments three times, deleted a large portion of the page once)
Dec 4, 2004 Changed "Decemberween" to "Christmasween" in The Best Decemberween Ever.
Dec 4, 2004 Added a degrading comment to Image:trogdor.png
Dec 6, 2004 Trolled HRWiki:Select The Usable Fun Facts twice
Dec 6, 2004 Created user page with foul language
Dec 6, 2004 Added "har har har" to HRWiki:About.
Dec 7, 2004 Defaced Strong Bad Email.
Dec 7, 2004 Defaced Strong Bad Email and Main Page.
Dec 7, 2004 Removed the {{sandbox}} template from HRWiki:Sandbox
Dec 7, 2004 Added unneccesary comment to Main Page 22
Dec 7, 2004 Spammed cheatday and created twenty useless pages devoted to his/her spam.
Dec 7, 2004 Vanalized Main Page
Dec 9, 2004 Added keyboard mashings to army.
Dec 9, 2004 Created worthless Wilbur page
Dec 9, 2004 Spammed Main Page and HRWiki talk:FAQ.
Nov 10, 2004 Trolled User Talk:FireBird twice by adding "I am dumb" and "I spelled Mozzillaa and grammar wrong", but then removed comments.
Dec 11, 2004 Added rude and insulting comment to User Talk:FireBird. ("I don't like you.")
Dec 11, 2004 Trolled Firebird's user page by deleting it and talk by rewording it.
Dec 11, 2004 Added a false Linking Rule to the Links Page.
Dec 11, 2004 Spammed animal.
Dec 12, 2004 Spammed 30+ pages, including Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, The Cheat, and Strong Bad several other biography pages similarly. Also spammed Help:Contents, Marzipan's Answering Machine, and the Main Page repeatedly
Dec 2, 2004 Trolled The Real Zajac's user page by adding "I'm a dork. A huge dork and loser. DELORTED!"
Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
12/13/2004 (all edits) HRWiki:About [1] Added "say werd" to the About page.
12/13/2004 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [2] Removed header at the top of the HRWiki:Sandbox.
12/13/2004 (all edits) Matt Chapman [3] (15 edits) Drastically defaced Matt Chapman.
12/13/2004 (all edits) Main Page [4], Strong Bad Email [5] Defaced Strong Bad Email and Main Page for a second time. Last time was on Dec 7th.
12/13/2004 (all edits) super powers [6] Added "DOUGLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" to Fun Facts in super powers.
12/15/2004 (all edits) Main Page [7] Defaced Main Page with advertisement.
12/15/2004 (all edits) Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes [8] Trolled with "virus" quote, followed by "LOL!"
12/15/2004 (all edits) Main Page [9] Defaced several pages, including the Main Page.
12/16/2004 (all edits) extra plug Added his name to many a places in the transcript.
12/16/2004 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough Removed the inventory section and added "No Way!"
12/16/2004 (all edits) Whaddya Know, Haddi-Man? Added nonsense
12/16/2004 (all edits) [Image:sbemail50.PNG][10] Trolled [Image:sbemail50.PNG].
12/16/2004 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [11] Removed "DRESS like a peasant" in Peasant's Quest Walkthrough.
12/16/2004 (all edits) User: [12], Homsar Runner[13] Created two pages apparently meant to troll users.
12/16/2004 (all edits) Main Page [14], User:TheRealZajac [15], Whaddya Know, Haddi-Man?[16]User:[17] Trolled several pages including the Main Page, added obscenities to User:TheRealZajac, also threatened the site [18](riiiiight...).
12/17/2004 (all edits) Main Page, Strong Bad Email, and WikiTroll Defaced all three pages
12/17/2004 (all edits) 3 wishes [19] Deleted page
12/17/2004 (all edits) User:Mr. Strong Bad [20] Created and added gibberish to page
12/18/2004 (all edits all edits on fanstuff wiki) Several pages on the Fanstuff Wiki; Strong Mad's Room [21], HRWiki:Projects [22], HRWiki:Cleanup[23], Main Page[24] Trolled several pages, including making rude and very obscene comments. Should be blocked.
12/18/2004 (all edits Ballad of the Sneak [25] Added rude comment
12/16/2004 (all edits) [Image:pomgirls.PNG][26] Defaced [Image:pomgirls.PNG].
12/18/2004 (all edits) Homestar Runner [27] Defaced Homestar Runner.
12/18/2004 (all edits) Strong Sad[28] Replaced text in Strong Sad's bio with "Homsar rules".
12/18/2004 (all edits) radio[29] Filled radio with links to online stores.
12/18/2004 (all edits) Gavin[30] Created Drasticpasticbarfmosis and included it on Gavin's page.
12/20/2004 (all edits) User talk:Kilroy [31], HRWiki:Projects [32], Talk:Floppy Disk Container Plus [33], Talk:your friends [34] Spammed several pages by adding useless links.
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