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wikibus.gif This is the Homestar Runner Wiki TourBus stop. This wiki runs on MediaWiki, the wiki engine written for Wikipedia.

Welcome to the best place to learn everything about the cartoons (and just about anything else) on

"What is the world of Homestar Runner?" you ask? Well, if you don't know who Homestar Runner and Strong Bad are, then this place might be a little overwhelming for you. If you want to contribute to this wiki you may want to start at our Introduction, but feel free to look around and discover all the characters and toons. If you need to understand what we're talking about, you should to head over to the official Homestar Runner site and start watching the toons. A good place to start is the First Time Here? watch page or the Strong Bad Emails watch. A lot of the Inside Jokes come from there.


[edit] And up ahead if you look to your right...

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See TourBus Map.

[edit] Famous sights to see here at the Homestar Runner Wiki

[edit] Main Page

This is the front page that greets visitors to the site, and a good way of getting to lots of different content areas. This is where we list recent updates to the Homestar Runner website.

[edit] Strong Bad Email

Here is a list of every email Strong Bad has ever answered (categorized in more ways than you ever thought possible), as well as articles relating to every facet of the email process.

[edit] Halloween Fairstival

This is our page documenting the 2004 Halloween cartoon Halloween Fairstival, and a good example of what you will see on the page for any cartoon.

[edit] Characters

This page contains lists of the various Homestar Runner characters. If you're new to Homestar Runner, you'll get a pretty good idea what's going on by simply getting familiar with the main cast members. If you're interested in going a little deeper, try the secondary characters.

[edit] The Stick

Last but not least is our community portal. You can learn more about becoming a part of our community through these pages. There are also several help pages available as a guide to new editors.

[edit] Want to know more?

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