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It's another spoon!

There are many spoons in the Homestar Runner universe. However, they are plentiful in the real world as well. If you were to create a wiki about our universe, would you have a page on all the spoons?

Similarly, items which are terribly common and mundane and which are never or rarely used in any sense beyond what would be considered normal within the Homestar Runner Universe should not get an article. Articles should be written about particularly interesting or unique items, or items which are utilized often in a novel way.

The purpose of HRWiki is to be a documentation, not a concordance, not a laundry list. If spoons wind up to be utilized in rather novel ways, by all means create an article about them. Spoons used to defeat StrongBadia, spoons used to kill Trogdor, spoons resulting in Marzipan's eventual descent into carnivorism; these types of examples would merit a Spoons article.

None of this has happened to date.

Let's just be sure every article here has a basis in information worthy of readership and never dips down to writing about the mundane and uninteresting for the sake of adding an item to the knowledge base. Until spoons, or whatever, play a role in the Homestar Runner universe which merits special mention, be sure not to suggest articles centered around them.

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