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Your signature is automatically created for you when you create an account. It should be used when writing comments on talk pages, and is left by typing ~~~ after your comment. ~~~~ leaves your signature and datestamp. (~~~~~ leaves just a date.) Signature and datestamp are preferable.

Personalized signatures are allowed, by editing your signature on the preferences page. However, some rules must be followed when doing so:

  • Your signature must include a text version of your username, with a link to your user page. If you use a shortened or altered form of your official name, it must be something that suggests your username (for example, HSRusername → Some HSR themed username; Thunderbird → Thunderbird L17; Dot com → It's dot com).
  • Your signature may include links to your talk page, contributions, or other applicable pages.
  • A small image may be used, limited to 20 pixels in height. The image should be approximately square and must not interfere with line spacing or collide with either of the lines above and below it. Preferably a signature would include no more than one image. If you add your own image, it counts as one of your personal images. Images that are distracting are not allowed. Likewise, animated images are strongly discouraged.
  • Your signature can be a different color or colors, provided they are readable. A background other than white is strongly discouraged, and any such background must be confined to the immediate text area. Borders or blinking (or anything else that gives undue salience to a signature) are not allowed.
  • Your total signature size can only be one line, and limited to around 20 or 25 characters. In other words, it must fit inside a 180 by 20 pixel space like this box: maximum signature size. To test your signature's size, use the {{sigbox}} or {{sigbox raw}} template.
  • Some users change their sigs during certain holidays. Though allowed, these sigs must also conform to all previous rules, and should only be changed a couple of times a year at most.
  • Your signature must be visible on your signature subpage (if you have one).

See also Help:Signature.

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