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[edit] Hidden Page Descriptions

[edit] Animations

  • Character Videos
    • Character bio video for Homestar Runner!
    • Character bio video for Strong Bad
    • Character bio video for The Cheat.
    • Character bio video for Strong Mad
    • Character bio video for Strong Sad
    • Character bio video for Pom Pom
    • Character bio video for Marzipan.
    • Coach Z's bio video.
    • Character bio video for Bubs.
    • Character video for The King of Town
    • Character bio video for The Poopsmith
    • Character bio video for Homsar
  • First Time Here? — Homestar attempts to film a welcome message for new viewers. It gets pretty great.
  • Intro 2 — An old intro to the website that we can't remember if we ever actually made live or not!
  • Needlepoint — An abandoned possible feature of the site what would have offered different pearls of Grandma's Wall Wisdom.
  • The Secrets That I Keep — Peer into the hidden underbeddy of Strong Sad's past.
  • King of Town Email — The King of Town attempts to check his very own email on a very broken computer!
  • Seasonal Sweaters — The Cheat makes a video for Marzipan's holiday jam.
  • Not the 100th Email! — Hey! Stop creepin' 'round my back stair! Strong Bad addresses those poking around the naming convention for his sbemails.
  • Page Load Error — Strong Sad is camped out waiting for Aerosmith tickets-- er, I mean the 200th sbemail.
  • The Cheat's Valentine's Animation — Strong Sad commissions The Cheat to make him an animation expressing his feelings about the made-up holiday ovlov.

[edit] Games

[edit] Old Games

[edit] Misc. Games

  • Revenge of the King — A wonky game where you keep the King of Town distracting by catapulting food down his gullet. Otherwise he cannons the crap out of you for no apparent reason!

[edit] Main Pages

[edit] Other Pages

  • Scrolling Shooter Games Menu — Games!
  • Handheld Games Menu — Old Flash games from the early days of
  • Characters — Intro videos for all the main characters.
  • Yearbook Character Page — An old yearbook-style characters page. Shouldn't Coach Z, Bubs, The Poopsmith, and the KOT be in, like, the Faculty & Staff section?
  • Downloads — Ancient download page for
  • Email — Contact us!
  • FAQ — A really old, outdated FAQ that looks like a copy of Highlights for Kids!
  • Old Flash Stuff — Do you want to see just how little we've progressed and improved over the years? Then get to clickin!
  • Playsets — Printable papercraft vehicles and playsets for your Cheat Commandos figurines!
  • Post-Flash Update! — updates its styles for the first time in many years.

[edit] See Also

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