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The chorus looks prettier than just plain "chorus."

On a similar note, The Cheat looks like a much more fine young man than just plain "that ugly bird".

I have 3 dollars in my pocket right now. I bet that's more than you POOR PERSON!

I am no poor person.

I don't even have pockets right now.  :(

Settle down class, settle down!

Will everyone please rise for the presentation of TMBG national colours (I dont care what you say it is spelled that way).

I'm your only friend I'm not your only friend But I'm a little glowing friend But really I'm not actually your friend But I am.

  • chorus*

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch Who watches over you Make a little birdhouse in your soul Not to put too fine a point on it Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet Make a little birdhouse in your soul

I've got a secret to tell From my electrical well It's a simple message and I'm leaving out the Whistles and bells So the room must listen to me Filibuster vigilantly My name is blue canary one-word spelled l-i-t-e My story's infinate Like the Longines Symphonette It doesn't rest

  • chorus*

There's a picture opposite me Of my primitive ancestry Which stood on rocky shores And kept the beaches shipwreck free Though I respect that a lot I'd be fired if that were my job After killing Jason off and Countless screaming Argonauts Bluebird of friendliness Like guardian angels is always near

  • chorus*

(and while you're at it Leave the night light on inside the Birdhouse in your soul)

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