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Live from The Megadome Spectrum Their Lead Singer's Parent's Garage, it's BRAINKRIEG! Live in concert for Three Weeks Only as Long as their Lead Singer's Parents let them stay in concert! Playing All Your Favorites some songs you may or may not like such as Their Alltime Favorite Novelty Decemberween Holiday Song the Okay Decemberween Holiday Song "If I Don't Get Video Games for Decemberween...", their Mega Platinum Selling Debut song the Debut Song that has no name so we're calling it "Jugga Jigga Wugga" and, of course, Everone's Favorite Halloween Holiday Song "Decomposing Pumpkins"! Also Featuring such famous friends of the band like Peacy P, Taranchula, Limozeen, Sloshy and *cough* Coach Z *cough*. So, unless your an uncool plump kid, you can't afford to miss this awesome concert! We mean Just be there! Go if you want to. See you there, unless you can't handle this much DEATH METAL MUSIC!
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