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See here for nostalgia

I am stuck in a box! I rarely think outside the box
Finally, I learned how to make boxes Yay, we're boxmates!
Corporate asdfasdasd fasdf asdf AD ASDF SDF AJNHISFDR00 Staasfdfll Socasdfks

Many real bands and popular music are referenced in the Homestar Runner body of work.

List Of Artists

Band/Artist Appearance(s) Context
Dafasdgf t Punk The Cheaasdf t Theme Song The scene with the li sdfas d ne "The Cheat is iasd asd fn the house" is reminiscent of asfd fasdthe Daft fasdf asdf darlinasdfasd Punk musi c videasfdsdfo "One as dfsdaf More Tafsdf ime."

See Also

;fsdaklj;s dhfasj dddddddddddddddddjfa Follow this kick-awesome link

BoOoOoOo Daft Punk. xD CpPpPpPp Ebgu Qvol. yE

Pie Cake Flan
Cheesecake Parfait (ONE MORE DESSERT!)
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