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Trapped City, Canada: Wiki Edition


Sometimes, when confronted with a disgusting thing or idea, it will be declared Ina-Pro-Pro. This declaration is usually accompanied with a rubber stamp and a loud buzzer.


  • Halloween Safety — Homestar wanted to dress as a "children crossing" street sign, but felt that using the girl's legs as a mouth was Ina-Pro-Pro.
    • In the Easter Egg, Storybook Homestar wearing a "lady's-legs duck shirt" tells off Strong Bad saying "Ina-Pro-Pro".
  • Fan Costumes 2017 — Strong Bad declares that a Coach Z costume is Ina-Pro-Pro. Immediately afterwards he also declares a hairy shirtless Senor Cardgage is Ina-Pro-Pro too.
  • @StrongBadActual
    • 9 Aug 2018 — In a Mario Paint video, Homestar orders two Ibu-Pro-Pro from the Drive-Thru Whale. The whale offers Homestar to sample the sweatpants, to which a disgusted Homestar responds "Ibu-Pro-Pro"!
    • 31 Aug 2019 — Strong Bad alters the picture of a bandaged toe to resemble himself, saying he hoped the owner of the toe didn't get surgery to remove a Strong Bad fungus, and responds to Homestar forming the other toes as "Ina-Toe-Pro"!
  • The Actions You Can Do (video) — Homestar declares that Doreauxgard consoling a cut-up cantaloupe with his green tongue is "Ina-Pro-Pro".

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