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[[Image:Trudgemank.png‎ |thumb|right|220px|]]
[[Image:Trudgemank.png‎ |thumb|right|220px|]]

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Powered by The Cheat

The Cheat animates a music video for Taranchula featuring Peacey P.

Cast (in order of appearance): Taranchula, The Cheat, Peacey P

Places: The Cheat's Computer Room

Date: Monday, August 18, 2008

Running Time: 1:47

Page Title: Get Your Product Phat For Ya!



Taranchula: Lying in the bog,
Tromping through the sludge,
Dying on the floor,
Drowning in the trudge,

Drowning in the Trudgemank,

Drowning in the Trudgemank,

Peacey P: {talking} Hello? What? Who? Taranchula? Aww, fool. Wait, how much? Dang!

{rapping:} Peacey P back on the mic again,

Fun Facts



  • The bubbles (after the meat slithering across the floor) have the Taranchula Logo on them as part of the reflected light pattern.


Inside References

  • The pizza trophy that Strong Bad said that he would give to The Cheat in crazy cartoon appears in this music video at the end.
  • The run-down, industrial-like environment as well as the screw and the slab of meat at the beginning of the music video is a reference to Tarachula's previously-seen music video: "The Decoupage", seen in death metal

Real-World References

  • Peacey P refers to Anthrax and "P.E.", who collaborated on a remake of "Bring the Noise" in 1991, an early teaming of a heavy metal and rap.

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