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How to close an item:

The following instructions are not difficult, but they are somewhat involved. Please make sure you are familiar with the wiki software and the overall process before undertaking them.

I. Close the STUFF template.
  • Click "edit" next to the section.
  • Copy the title from the summary box.
  • Click "edit" at the top of the page to edit the entire page.
  • Paste the title back into the summary box and note the verdict.
  • Scroll down to the appropriate section.
  • Select the entire item from "{{stuffbeginblue}}" (or "{{stuffbegingray}}") down to "{{stuffend}}".
  • Copy it to the clipboard, and paste it in a text editor.
  • Change "stuffbeginblue" (or "-gray") to "stuffclosedaccept" (or "-decline").
  • Change "stuffdata" to "stuffverdict".
  • Copy the name of the article (but not the brackets) to the clipboard.
  • Remove the link to the article and one of the vertical bars.
  • Between the "posted on" date and the braces, type a vertical bar and then five tildes ("~~~~~").
  • Type another vertical bar, and then the verdict (e.g. "accepted", "unanimously declined", "revised and accepted").
  • Type another vertical bar, and then the majority vote.
  • Type another vertical bar, and then the minority vote.
  • Type a final vertical bar, and then paste the article name.

    Like this: {{stuffverdict|original posted on date|~~~~~|verdict|majority|minority|original article}}.

    Example: {{stuffverdict|12:09, 8 Jun 2005 (UTC)|~~~~~|unanimously declined|5|0|Stinkoman 20X6}}.

  • If the item was revised before being accepted, copy the revised fact from {{stuffrevise}} and paste it over the original fact in {{stufffact}}.
  • Delete from the end of {{stuffverdict}} all the way through {{stuffend}}.
  • Preview and save the page.
  • If any items for an article are still active, move them to the top of the STUFF template, and then resave the page.

II. Set up the STUFF archive.
  • Click on the link to the archive page.
  • Edit the page.
  • If the page does not already exist, type {{stuffarchive}} at the top of the page.
  • Copy the original item from your text editor.
  • Paste it into the archive.
  • Preview and save the page.
  • If all the items for an article are closed:
    • Remove {{checkstuffpage}} from the article's fun facts section.
    • Move the template down in the list of STUFF templates so that templates with open items are above those with all closed items.

III. Wait a while.
  • After a week or so, move the verdicts from the STUFF template to the article's talk page and copy them to HRWiki:STUFF/Archive/Verdicts.
  • If the template still has other items on it, move it up in the list of STUFF templates appropriately.
  • Once the template has no items on it anymore:
    • Remove the page's STUFF template from the list of STUFF templates.
    • Mark the empty STUFF template {{delete|archived}}.
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